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Mindpix Corp saw over 4.9 million shares traded yesterday after a special Penny Stock Newsletter campaign from

Share: subscribers saw significant movement in shares of MPIX yesterday, after they alerted it as one of their top penny stock plays.

New York, New York (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

After a special alert on Mindpix Corp sent subscribers to the penny stock newsletter platform, saw over 4.9 million shares traded in the company yesterday. This represented significantly heightened interest in the company, largely due to the size of the Penny Stock Dream subscriber base, as the group continues to grow and thus strengthen their alert system. This trading volume truly was testament to the rapid growth that this group has seen in such a small span of time, as it has seemed that they have begun to make a recognized name for themselves, almost out of nowhere. It was not only that volume was strong yesterday but also the fact that Mindpix Corp closed up 8.33% that brought heightened recognition to the platform. In the past few weeks, it has seemed as though has grown to a point at which their momentum will not be slowed and cannot be stopped, as they have regularly and routinely outperformed other promotion groups working within the penny stock exchange. The top penny stock newsletter alerts that the Penny Stock Dream newsletter platform has been sending out have continued to see substantial gains on winning plays. In the past twelve trading days alone, the platform has released numerous winning alerts that have yielded over 1,000% in potential profits for their subscribers. The gains they have shown their followers have been nothing short of impressive, especially when one comes to recognize that is a very young platform that is growing very rapidly. At the rate at which this penny stock newsletter group has grown, there are significant expectations being thrown around within the penny stock exchange community that they will likely surpass a great deal of the larger penny stock newsletter groups as time goes on. has maintained at all times that they fully intend to do all that they can, in hopes of bringing their followers the best stock alerts that they possibly can, before they have made their significant runs. The awareness campaign for Mindpix Corp seemed no exception to these plans, as they again managed to raise awareness regarding the company through their social media platforms, well before a significant push had come to trade the stock. Not only were there over 4.9 million shares traded but it also managed to close up with gains of 8.33%. Though not a significantly high increase, it has been the spirit of steady gains that has led this group to continue to be able to expand its operations so quickly. With the many successes that have been seen with, they have had greater attention paid to their platform than ever before, meaning that they are simultaneously receiving more hits on their websiite than ever before. As more visitors have come, the global web ranking of their site has grown to the point at which they have overtaken over 15.7 million other websites within just the past 3 weeks alone. They have also seen a steady increase in subscriber numbers from one day to another. As many have expected to be the case, is seeing rapid growth in all facets of the business, as they quickly make their mark as being one of the most trusted penny stock newsletter groups within the penny stock exchange.

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