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Google's Changing Search Algorithms Fuels Business Need for Professional SEO Services


Recent search algorithm updates by Google are affecting the search engine rankings of businesses. As a result, many of them are turning to SEO experts like MDesign Media to help them stay visible in search engine results.

Florida, USA (PRWEB UK) 2 November 2012

Google's recent search algorithm updates were meant to combat spammers, but they have also lowered the search engine rankings of many legitimate businesses. Due to the changing nature of search engine optimization, many businesses are opting to get professional help from SEO experts to help their businesses stay visible in Google search results.

On a recent episode of “This Week in Google”, the head of Google's Search Quality team, Matt Cutts, shared that he got a letter from a Senator regarding a moving company scam. These moving company scams typically work by baiting customers with a low quote. Then after they load all the customer's belongings into their trucks, they give an invoice that is many times the quoted rate. Customers who don't pay don't get to see their belongings again. One of these moving companies was buying links to manipulate its ranking in search engine results.

When Google looked into it, they realized that the Penguin update in April 2012 had already cracked down on that company's link spam activities. In fact, the Penguin update reduced the traffic to that company's website by 75 percent before the Senator even contacted Mr. Cutts.

Mr. Cutts also shared his view of Penguin's impact on the web. Although he knew that Google's search engine updates would affect businesses, he still saw the Penguin update as being good for the web because it removed a lot of spam content from visibility. “There are scammers, and they do exploit rankings, and we do have to take strong action on that,” said Matt Cutts.

Unfortunately, along with the scammers, some legitimate businesses have also seen their search engine rankings decrease. In addition to that, Google keeps updating their search algorithms, so it can be hard for small businesses to keep up with all the changes. Due to the changing nature of search engine optimization, many businesses have turned to SEO specialists to help them stay on top of search engine results.
MDesign Media is one of those firms with SEO specialists. Headed by Marie Furman, the firm started out as a design firm. In fact, they recently became finalists in StockVault's Top Digital Design Blogs Awards competition for being a great resource for the design community.

Over the years, they have added complimentary services to their offerings at the request of clients. One of those services is SEO. “Our SEO experts stay on top of Google changes so you as a business owner don't need to worry about that,” said Ms. Furman.

About MDesign Media

Marie Furman founded MDesign Media in 2005. At first, the firm only focused on web design. Over time, clients started asking for complementary marketing services such as writing, photography, social media, and SEO. In order to offer these services to her clients without compromising the quality of client service, Marie selected expert consultants to join her team of service providers. They all share Marie's philosophy of doing business based on strong client relationships, and are each an expert in their field.

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