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Six Pack Abs 365 Claims #1 Spot On Amazon for "Six Pack Abs Diet"


Six Pack Abs 365 – How To Get And Keep Your Six Pack Abs All Year Long, by Geoff Neupert, provides sane, and easy-to-follow advice to get your six pack abs.

Durham, NC (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

Most diet programs that focus on helping people get six pack abs are complicated. And boring. They usually have people glued to their kitchen, eating by the clock, and have them eating tasteless, bland meals out of Tupperware containers that they have to carry around with them in a portable cooler. Not only that, they are religious by nature, preventing a person from eating most, if not all of their favorite foods. And many require expensive supplements as well.

This only leads to frustration and failure. Six Pack Abs 365 uses a diet protocol that is easy to follow, easy-to-use, and insists that you eat your favorite foods. Essentially, people get to eat what they want on the Six Pack Abs 365 “diet” – if it can be even called that.

Geoff, who lost 20 pounds of fat using this “diet” while surviving sleepless nights with a newborn son (something that is almost impossible to do), was asked how he came up with it. He said that after a lot of research he decided to do exactly the opposite of what he had been doing – eating 6 small meals a day, including protein shakes.

“All the research says that not sleeping is a surefire way to not only not lose fat, but actually get fatter. Yet, using this approach I had a ton of energy and losing the fat was effortless,” said Geoff. “It was the easiest way I ever used to get my six-pack.”

“I am not unique in this approach,” said Geoff. “My clients and customers have also validated it for me and I know it'll work for you too – it's the simplicity that makes it work.”

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