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Author Thomas Mietzel's New Book Helping Others to Overcome Poverty and Financial Ruin by Developing a Prosperous Mindset


Self-help professional and entrepreneur Thomas Mietzel's new book helping others overcome financial problems through faith, friends and letting go of mental baggage

Madison, WI (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

Thomas Mietzel announces the release of his new self-help book titled, It Ain't Over Until I say it's Over: I'm Tougher Than I Look and so Are You. The newly released title is available in Kindle digital format at Mietzel's website

From the opening stanza Mietzel shares his own personal stories of success, failure and ultimate redemption about various personal and professional trials and tribulations. Along the way he candidly offers encouraging advice to help others who have fallen on hard financial times.

When asked about his book, Mietzel says, “This book is about the temporary condition of “broke” in which you may find yourself. Do not confuse yourself with the poor. The fact that you even picked up this book should tell you all you need to know about yourself. You may be down, but you're not defeated. You may be broke, but you're not poor. You are a winner in your mind, and that's the place where most of this battle is going to be waged.”

Mietzel offers readers something different in the self-help category by providing an honest summary of his own life, helping the reader connect with the content. Chapter one draws the reader in as Mietzel candidly recounts situations in his life including business failings and divorce that left him emotionally battered, bruised and lacking faith in himself.

The book is a quick read full of in-depth content that is relevant to anyone who has found themselves struggling with finances, self-esteem and emotional baggage. The book's 17 chapters read quickly and feature helpful vignettes of advice that summarize each section.

Mietzel goes on to say, "Failure isn't pleasant. It hurts like hell. And the more successful you have been, the more it hurts. But it doesn't have to be the end of your story. If you refuse to let your failure define you, in less time than you may think, you will look back at that failure as the foundation of even greater success.”

Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Reader Sheila states, “5 stars. This book will tug at your heart strings and make you think about things in your own life through new eyes.”

The book also features a resource guide with information on credit repair, business coaching, recommended reading, and more. To order the book for only $8.95 visit

About Thomas Mietzel
Mr. Mietzel is a self-made business professional born with an entrepreneurial spirit and compassionate heart. He kick started his business career while still in college and was riding high until things started to crumble beneath him. Faced with lawsuits from creditors, the death of his wife and insurmountable odds, Mietzel clawed his way back to personal and financial health. Today, Mietzel coaches, trains and motivates others in business development and recovery from loss.

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