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Mold Problems Expected After Sandy Flooding; Dr Mold Network Advises Use of Molderizer and Safe Shield to Solve Them


Mold infestation is expected to follow the flooding that Sandy brought in. And to help flood victims deal with it safely and effectively, Dr Mold Network advised to them the use of Molderizer and Safe Shield.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, now downgraded to tropical storm, left the east coast with massive problems. Among them is “epic flooding.” And stating that mold infestation will surely come after, Dr Mold Network advised the flood victims to use Molderizer and Safe Shield to solve the expected moldy problems. [Grab Complimentary Samples of Both Molderizer and Safe Shield __title__ Grab Complimentary Samples of Both Molderizer and Safe Shield]

Based on several reports, one from, Sandy brought the worst to New York and New Jersey. As it related, the monster storm swamped the two states with wide-range of flooding closing down subways and tunnels even after days it made its hit.

Nonetheless, Dr Mold Network stated that there is much worse the closing of subways and tunnels that flooding could bring. And that, it said, is mold infestation.

With moisture everywhere and high-level of water stagnant for days, the site stated that mold infestation is inevitable. And if no action is taken, it said that health with be at risk and huge expenses for mold treatment will be needed.

So to avoid the huge health and financial problems that mold infestation could bring, the website advised all flood victims to implement an immediate mold treatment right after the flood water subsided. However, it specified that one should do it with the right mold remediation products in hand.

But of all the mold sprays, Dr Mold Network said that Molderizer and Safe Shield are the two best products to purchase.

It said that both Molderizer and Safe Shield were made with organic ingredients and were proven to effectively work. Hence, it endorsed the use of them to all flood victims for a truly safe and effective mold treatment.

Solve Mold Problems Safely and Effectively. Choose to Use Molderizer and Safe Shield

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