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Daniel Radcliffe Smokes in "Horns"; 1800Ecig Advises He Cut the Habit with Electronic Cigarette


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was pictured smoking in the set of his latest movie. Stating that cigarettes are no good for him and everybody else, 1800Ecig advised he smoke electronic cigarette instead.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

The boy who starred in the Harry Potter movie series got an unhealthy habit – smoking. And according to a post from, he was pictured again taking a drag from a cigarette. But knowing the danger the cigarette presents to health, 1800Ecig urged the young actor to give it up in exchange of electronic cigarette.
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Based on the post, the now 23-year-old Daniel Radcliffe was snapped taking his break while puffing a cigarette. The break, as said, was from shooting a scene for his new film. And that new film was entitled “Horns” co-starring Juno Temple.

Stating that cigarette is no good for him and everybody else exposed to the smoke from it, 1800Ecig urged Radcliffe and all the other smokers to give up the cancer sticks. It said that smoking, whether passive or active, could lead to several chronic diseases. It gave cancer as a sample of it.

To get the same smoking fix without the health risks, the website advised the use of smokeless cigarette. It asserted that kicking cigarettes or the entire smoking habit is easier with the device than any other smoking alternative. As it explained, that's because electronic cigarette burns no tobacco. And with that, no carcinogen full of smoke is released.

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In addition, electronic cigarette allows the use of cartridges of different nicotine levels, added 1800Ecig. And because of that, a smoker can decrease his or her nicotine intake at his or her own pace.

However, among all the electronic cigarettes available, the website only recommended the use of Solar Cigarette.

Apart from the standard ecig health benefits, it said that the device also offers weight-loss help and several age-related benefits. And so, 1800Ecig declared Solar Cigarette as the best electronic cigarette any smoker could get.
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