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Women's Excellence in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Now Offers a Systematic Approach to the Treatment of Pain with Sexual Intercourse


Self treatment techniques to resume sexual intimacy without pain are now available. Partners are encouraged to attend.

Lake Orion, MI (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

Women's Excellence in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy now offers specialized, systematic treatment for pelvic pain that occurs with sexual intercourse. Tight or painful muscles in the pelvic floor are often the cause of pelvic pain that occurs with sexual intimacy. A physical therapy evaluation can identify the specific muscles involved, then, an effective treatment plan can be developed. Women who seek treatment from Women's Excellence for pellvic pain receive a thorough education in anatomy of the pelvis, location of the muscles involved, and techniques to reduce pain and tightness. Instructional sessions are also provided to the husband/significant other so that he may understand the reasons why sexual intercourse is painful and take an active role in the healing process to resume painfree sexual intimacy.

The staff at Women's Excellence understands the impact that pelvic pain has in a woman's life and is dedicated to treatment solutions that work. Physical therapist specialized in women's pelvic conditions, Kristie Wilson, MPT, explains, "Women who come here for treatment desperately want to get rid of their pelvic pain. They carry a burden that their pain is placing a strain on their intimate relationship with their husband or significant other." Women's Excellence in Physical Therapy educates each patient on their specific condition. Kristie reports, "We give our patients step by step instructions in methods to treat themselves at home. Our patients appreciate the fact their husband or significant is invited to take part in therapy. We are successful in getting women back to painfree sexual intimacy. Our patients are very grateful for that."    

Women's Excellence in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy provides specialized care of pelvic pain in the center of Women's Excellence in Bladder Control. Physical therapy is provided to women of all ages by a licensed physical therapist who specializes in women's pelvic conditions. If you are a woman suffering with pelvic pain affecting sexual intimacy and are interested in physical therapy as a treatment option, call Women's Excellence in Bladder Control today or visit their website    

Founded by Dr. Jonathan Zaidan, Women's Excellence is the most comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic office in Michigan. Dr. Zaidan is pleased to provide Women's Excellence in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for conservative treatment of bladder control and pelvic pain conditions. Women's Excellence in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is conveniently located in the center or Women's Excellence in Bladder Control. New patients are now being accepted.

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