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Vote for an Honest, Experienced and Proven Leader or… an Empty Chair


Patricia Kotze-Ramos was the only candidate to show up for the 58th district debate.

Downey, CA (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

Democratic State Assembly candidate Cristina Garcia's platform promotes, “Reform, Ethics and Transparency.” Garcia further claims she will clean up corruption in Sacramento. However, according to the Los Cerritos News on October 11 she misrepresented the truth and admitted she did not have the credentials for her acclaimed PhD.

Garcia was quoted during the primaries, “I believe that if we don't have ethical elected officials, then we can't have government that works for us. It's that simple.”

On the 18th of October, the Downey Chamber of Commerce candidates' forum was hosted at the Southern California Gas Company Energy Resource Center. Both candidates were invited to participate in the forum, but Garcia didn't bother to show up. Voters should ask themselves #1 can Garcia be trusted after she deceived the voters in the primary on June 5th? #2 why did Garcia lie about having a PHD? #3 why did Garcia not show up at the forum? Every candidate in attendance had an opportunity to respond to audience questions. Garcia had an opportunity and obligation to the voters to be transparent and to respond to voters questions. As it ended, candidate Patricia Kotze-Ramos “sat next to an empty chair” reserved for Garcia during the forum.

Voters will now decide her fate at the ballot box.

Kotze-Ramos has stated during the campaign “I'm a mother, wife, business owner and civic leader. I deal with real life and business issues on a daily basis. I am uniquely qualified to make a difference here in the 58th District and in Sacramento. As such, I know what it costs to provide for a family and how much money it costs to raise children. I have an appreciation for what families have to endure in this stagnate and failing economy. As a business owner, I have firsthand experience in understanding what small business owners need to deal with on daily basis. I know what it's like to make payroll, deal with high tax and insurance costs, keep updated on wage and hours issues and be confronted with frivolous law suits. In community service organizations I have assisted in creating and balancing budgets, served on several Chamber Boards and have been involved in civic service.”

Had Garcia been present as confirmed, Kotze-Ramos stated she would have asked her, “Have you ever operated a business? Have you ever personally met payroll? Have you ever managed cash flow? Have you ever had to comply with government regulations?”

Kotze-Ramos has stated during her campaign “Economic revival will begin where it always does--with entrepreneurs and America's small business. These are difficult days with the economy and budget issues in California. We definitely need a change and balance on both sides of the aisle.”

Vote for Republican Candidate Patricia Kotze-Ramos for the 58th Assembly District if you want someone who is honest, experienced and has proven leadership abilities. She is uniquely qualified to make a difference here in the 58th District and in Sacramento. The district includes all of Artesia, Bell Gardens, Bellflower, Cerritos, Commerce, Downey, Montebello, Pico Rivera, and portions of Norwalk.


If you'd like more information about Patricia Kotze-Ramos campaign, or would like a yard signs, please call Edwana Sanders at 562-319-0472 or e-mail 562-319-0472.

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