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In Sandy's Wake, Dr. Bonnie Suggests Giving Back and Giving to Each Other


As many people are still holed up in their neighborhoods, or stranded away from their homes after Sandy, relationship therapist Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil suggests couples use the extra time together to do good, and rekindle a spark with their significant other.

(PRWEB) November 01, 2012

Hurricane Sandy canceled life-as-usual for most New Yorkers this week, including places like Wall Street and Google. As many people are stranded either in their homes, or away from them, relationship therapist Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil says couples should make the most of this time together. Her first suggestions is to bond while helping others. "This is the worst catastrophe since 9/11, and once again New Yorkers are coming together for a common cause to give love and support to one another." She encourages people to volunteer at their neighborhood shelters, or bring canned goods to food banks.

Additionally, she has tips for couples that are "stormed-in" together.

  • Mix up a hot drink and then cozy up with eachother. Whether it's hot chocolate or hot toddy, getting warm together doesn't HAVE to involve sex! Start out with something simple like a drink to warm you up and snuggle up together by reading a book, playing a game, or beginning a project that's been put off.
Let it lead to sex. Studies show that during big storms people usually make love, make babies or fight. Starting by reconnecting with something simple (a book, a game, etc.). Couples should take advantage of the fact that they don't have anywhere to be! People can make the most of their time indoors, since there's nowhere else they could be, even if they wanted to. Instead of letting obligations cause stress, Dr. Bonnie says couples should just let go of responsibilities by having an affair with their own partner as she discusses in her book, Make up Don't Break up, where she gives couples tools for rekindling romance. Recreate the chemicals experienced when falling in love. Take this opportunity to give a 30 second kiss and/or 20 second hug so couples can fall back in love with each other


Don't let your relationship be destructive like Sandy! See more tips from Dr. Bonnie here: And check out Dr. Bonnie's channel “5 Star Video Contributor" via YouTube/Google”, plus her book Make Up Don't Break Up and attached DVD, Falling in Love and Staying in Love.

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