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Com-Serve's Cell Tower Expert Offers Free Valuable Advice for Landowners That Have a Cell Tower Lease on Their Property


Cell-tower companies often don't mention the details to landowners eagerly awaiting a big pay-day. Many are also downright scam artists. These tips help consumers protect themselves from their attacks regarding their cell tower lease or buyout.

(PRWEB) November 01, 2012

Com-Serve, Georgia's leading Cell Tower Lease negotiating company, would like to help consumers protect themselves from the advances of cell-tower companies abroad so they have hired another Cell Tower Expert to work with Landowners to ensure fair deals are being made between the Cell Tower Companies and Landowners.

“We have clients approaching us asking about the cell tower leases they've been offered.  Many times, we've found the entity offering the lease is a complete scam.  In addition, many leading companies leave out many of the important details when negotiating contracts.  We can't take care of every consumer in every situation, but we can empower them to protect themselves, so we're giving them the best tool available – knowledge,” said Com-Serve owner David Espinoza.  

The high demand for cell service across the United States has led to many scamers misrepresenting themselves as a cell-tower salesman, or perhaps an entire company.  Enticed by the lure of free money, many landowners sign away their rights to their land without performing their due diligence.  

One concrete case of consumer deception occurred as a result of the St. Charles Tower company.  They negotiated a signed agreement with David and Linda Wilson of Chesterfield, Missouri.  The city's Planning Department approved the lease.  However, the tower was constructed 45.6 feet south and 115 feet west of the original location, while also being 30 feet higher than originally agreed.  

Unfortunately, situations like these happen more often than necessary.  The fact is cell tower companies, and individuals purporting to represent them, attempt to take advantage of unwitting landowners all the time.  If landowners have any uncertainty regarding the motives of the entity in question, they should perform all their due diligence first, which might include hiring a cell tower expert or consultant specializing in cell tower leases.

“Property owners must keep in mind they own the rights to their property and can do with it as they see fit.  Cell tower companies often don't present the scenario this way.  Always act with extreme caution if one approaches you,” continued Espinoza.  

Cell tower leasing can be very beneficial to landowners, provided the contract is fair to them and the cell tower company.  Individuals looking to pay back some debt accumulated, or who would like to supplement their retirement can greatly benefit from a contract fair to both parties.   

Individuals approached by companies such as Black Dot Wireless should proceed only with the help of a cell tower lease expert or consultant.  Regardless of how the contract is presented, it's not written in the favor of the landowner.  Individuals looking to increase the revenue they receive from their cell tower lease can contact Com-Serve for a free consultation.    

About Com-Serve
Com-Serve was founded in 1997 in response to the Telecommunications Act of 1996.  It has served customer in every American state, and has successfully negotiated better contracts for landowners with all major call phone carriers.  Com-Serve can help individuals in every phase of the cell tower lease negotiation process, including those who have already signed contracts.

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