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Electric Cigarette Club Advises Vanessa Paradis and Other Smokers to Quit Cigarettes, Says Solar Cigarette Is the Best Help


Actress Vanessa Paradis was recently photographed looking gaunt and smoking while taking a break. Electric Cigarette Club encouraged her and all the other smokers to quit cigarettes with the help of Solar Cigarette's ecig before the habit takes its toll on her health.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

Actress Vanessa Paradis was recently snapped looking thin and still smoking. In a post by, a photo of her taking a drag from a cigarette was shared. And stating that the habit is a killer, Electric Cigarette Club said Paradis and all the other smokers should abandon cigarettes. Additionally, it suggested them to get Solar Cigarette's electronic cigarette as a help to easily quit the habit before it's too late.

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It was said in the post that Paradis was taking a break when she was photographed with a cigarette, looking too skinny. However, it was not specified if it was a break from filming her new movie “Fading Gigolo” or not.

Regardless, Electric Cigarette Club said that Paradis and every other smoker should quit cigarettes. It asserted that cigarette smoking could cause several illnesses to the smoker and to anybody else who will breathe in the smoke that the ciggies produce.

Particularly, the site said it's the carcinogens that make cigarettes cause several chronic diseases as cancer. And those carcinogens are basically released by its burning of tobacco.

So with all the illnesses cigarettes could bring, Electric Cigarette Club urged all smokers to quit it, including Paradis. And as it stated, that's now easier to do thanks to electronic cigarette.

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However, of all the smokeless cigarettes, it said that many prefer Solar Cigarette's ecig. It, also called Solar Cigarette, could offer more benefits than any other electronic cigarette. And so to prove it, the site also encouraged smokers to get a sample of it.

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