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Shopeastwest Readies to Help Charities Facing Drug Shortage Due to "Frankenstorm" Hurricane Sandy


With the worst storm ever in United States, Hurricane Sandy, hitting East Coast, online pharmacy, Shopeastwest initiates provision of discounted or “no-profit” drugs to disaster relief agencies facing drug shortage.

Port Louis, Mauritius (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

With one of the most devastating natural disasters in American History hitting the East Coast, there are many health related complications to be considered by individuals affected by it. Hurricane Sandy or “Frankenstorm” as many have dubbed it, has the makings of a “Perfect Storm” so the complete impact of the disaster will be felt only after it passes over. Infections are the most important type of health related problems that affect people in such areas. For e.g. Hurricane Katrina & Irene caused an increase in number of West Nile neuroinvasive disease (WNND) as well as various mosquito-related infections. There is also the problem of delay in essential utility services being restored, making it difficult for health services on ground zero to provide sufficient assistance. Pharmacies are also affected as many may have entire stocks of medicines ruined by the flooding. Shopeastwest is using its experience of dealing with such calamities and stocking up to ensure that everyone gets necessary drugs. Shopeastwest is willing to provide discounted medicines and has invited charities or any other agencies to approach them if they are facing drug shortages while dealing with Sandy-related healthcare situations.

The disastrous storm is the largest storm ever to hit United States. It has affected some of most heavily populated regions such as New Jersey, Boston, New York and Washington. Apart from those in the direct path of the storm, it will also affect the nearby regions. The after-effects will be felt with heavy snowfall in the areas in the vicinity of the Storms. The projected damage is difficult to calculate but it is going to be massive in comparison to the $15 billion suffered after Irene hit United States, as Sandy is stronger and wider. The worse will come after the storm subsides. With the ingress of seawater, the dead vegetation, wooden furniture, other debris will start rotting or corroding. Damage to the utility services will affect the quality of life and approaching winter, which is likely to be severe this year, will further have a deteriorating effect on the situation. The picture might be grim, but the important thing is to remain focused and take action accordingly.

Shopeastwest is initiating a call to provide medicines at discounted rates to charitable organizations / government agencies that are facing shortage in drugs while tackling the storm related situation. Shopeastwest is already stocking up to deal with the medicine scarcity and subsequent increase in demand of medicines from the affected regions. Usually, in such calamities, infections and infestations are the most prevalent problems. Shopeastwest has increased stocks of anthelmintics like Ivermectin (Stromectol) and Vermox (Mebendazole) to tackle parasitic ailments. Alinia (Nitazoxanide) stocks too have been increased as it is used in the treatment of Cryptosporidium Parvum. E. coli infections are the most common bacterial infections after a disaster like a Hurricane. Shopeastwest has also stocked up on Cipro (Ciprofloxacin) to ensure that individuals can get rid of E. coli bacteria related diseases like diarrhea. Apart from this, stocks have been also increased for other regularly needed drugs in case of scarcity, due to medicine damage in local drugstores, caused by the flooding.

Readers are invited to share this information with their local governmental or charity organizations that are facing drug shortfall so that Shopeastwest can assist them in tackling drug scarcity at discounted or at “no-profit” prices based on their situation. For further information on Shopeastwest, please visit

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