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Nobledrugstore Bracing Itself for Another Season of Winter-Related Flu Medicine Demands

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Port Louis, Mauritius (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

Flu (also known as Grippe or Influenza) is a highly contagious disease spread by air-borne viruses. Type A and Type B are the most important types of viruses that cause Flu. With winter just round the corner, Flu season is about to begin and so is the demand for medicines to counter it. Although January – February are the usual months in which the effects of Flu are most severe; the season can even start as early as October and continue till May. Flu is especially prevalent amongst children and indirectly affects the parents in terms of the medical expenditure and work hours lost. Annual Flu related costs have been estimated at more than USD 10 billion every year. On an individual basis too, Flu has significant direct and indirect costs on almost every American, in spite of its relatively insignificant nature. In anticipation of the Flu season starting, online pharmacy has stocked up on medicines to ensure that its customers can get them whenever needed. Users can purchase various generic medicines on most ailments, especially flu related allergy & sinus meds like Nasonex, Astelin and Flonase.

With winter about to start, a host of seasonal diseases have started influencing the medicine demands. Due to its highly contagious nature, it is very easy to contract Flu. This is especially true for children who are easily susceptible to its effects. So far this season, the infection has remained comparatively mild, with Iowa leading the number of Flu cases in the United States. Flu shots are one of the most important preventive measures for avoiding the contraction of Flu. In case, for any reasons, if individuals fail to take shots and manage to contract Flu, there are quite a few medicines that physicians usually recommend for treating its symptoms and complications. Antiviral drugs are the first line of action for treating this disorder. The key is to start these medicines within the first couple of days when the individuals start feeling sick.

Usually, patients recover within 3 – 4 days of contracting this disease. The extreme complications that can result from Flu are neurological infections or pneumonia. On an average 36,000 Americans die annually from Flu related complications. Therefore even if the disease is common, it is essential that the patients be treated at the earliest. There are certain high-risk populations that have to be very alert against contracting Flu. These include individuals staying in long-term care homes; women that are more than 3 months into their pregnancy during winter; children below 2 years or seniors more than 65 years of age as well as patients already suffering from major ailments like kidney, cardiac or lung conditions, immune system problems, etc. These patients should take as many preventive measures as possible and ensure that proper drugs are available with them the moment they contract this medical problems. Patients can consult with Nobledrugstore on the availability of flu related medicine stocks so that they can immediately order them when required.

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