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Marketing Firm Northstar Consulting Group Plan Business Strategy for Hurricane Sandy Recovery


Wall St based Northstar Consulting Group (NCG NYC) released details of their Disaster Recovery Plan to employees and suppliers following Hurricane Sandy's attack on New York City.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

New York based company, Northstar Consulting Group have announced the release of their business strategy to assist the firm recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy.
The outsourcing sales and marketing firm are just one of thousands of businesses that were forced to close their doors due to the hurricane and have stated that they have a strategy to ensure the business recovers efficiently.  

NCG NYC's plan includes reviewing and prioritising job roles, reporting damage, secondary or offsite office space, data backups and insurance arrangements.

Bart Yates, CEO for Northstar Consulting Group, has stated that, “we are glad to announce that our office on Wall St, New York City has not suffered significant damage. Our operations will resume as soon as possible. Our Disaster Recovery plan was implemented to ensure that if any significant damage had taken place we would be able to implement our recovery process effectively and efficiently.”

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The damage caused by Hurricane Sandy has been difficult to restrain and measure. The storm has not been merciful to the Big Apple; resulting in an estimated $45 billion loss ($12 billion consists of consumer and business loss); more than 13,000 airline flights have been cancelled. and has been the most destructive to the NY subway in its 108 year history.

James Grierson of the Belfast Telegraph reported that the storm forced Wall Street to shut down for the first time since the shocking event of 9/11 and that the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market would not open to protect workers from traveling and working in affected areas.
A statement from NYSE Euronext, which operates the New York Stock Exchange, said: "We support the consensus of the markets and the regulatory community that the dangerous conditions developing as a result of Hurricane Sandy will make it extremely difficult to ensure the safety of our people and communities, and safety must be our first priority. We will work with the industry to determine the next steps in restoring trading as soon as the situation permits."

Peter Morici, former chief economist with the U.S. International Trade Commission has also stated that “there will not likely be permanent economic losses, and there could
be a net gain in U.S. GDP two years from now due to a boost in employment and activity for rebuilding efforts.” Morici adds further that the $12 billion in estimated consumer and business spending losses are actually delayed or displaced, depending on how essential many of the items are. “People are going to buy clothing anyway,” he adds.

Northstar Consulting Group have followed best business practices by quickly implementing their Disaster Recovery Plan early, any losses will likely be rapidly restored.

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