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Security Gear and Product Expert Jerry Immler Discusses Important Product Developments for Protective Services Professionals


On Latest Podcast on Protective Services Leadership Insights, Immler Discusses Advancements in Security Products such as Flashlights, Packs, and Knives

Upper Marlboro, MD (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

On a new podcast found on the Protective Services Leadership Insights section of the Protective Services Training Academy (PSTA) web site, protective services gear and product expert Jerry Immler said that gear for protective service and law enforcement professions is constantly evolving and improving and that the typical protective services officer may not be aware of what's available to them. Immler specifically referred to advancements in flashlights, packs and bags, and knives in this podcast.

“Flashlights have come a long way in recent years, in the way they're constructed, and their run time, which means how long they'll operate off a battery or recharge, and brightness and some of the lighting features that different lights will offer,” he said. “Often times if a PSO is issued a flashlight, it could just be a single-dimension item that does one thing, which might fit their needs just fine, but then they find that they need something that offers bright light when they want it, dim light when they want it, or possibly even a strobe feature, which is used to disorient someone when it's shined in their eyes.”

Another area that has evolved over the years is in knives and edge tools. “Most PSOs will find that they are a necessity, whether it's a knife that they need to carry for rescue purposes — oftentimes if you're in and around traffic, you want something that will cut a seatbelt, for example. Or if it's a multi-tool that you can use as a screwdriver or as a prying tool, whether it's to gain entry or exit from a particular building or to help a citizen with an immediate need they might have, being armed with the right tool or knife can be beneficial.”

Jerry Immler is a recognized expert on protective services equipment, gear, and supplies. In his role as retail sales manager at the PSTA, Jerry reviews thousands of new, interesting, and state-of-the-art product offerings including weapons and ammunition, clothing, accessories, and training supplies. He regularly posts insights on products, gear, and technologies that affect military, law enforcement, and protective services officers. His blog posts can be found here.

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