Market Overview sees Mindpix Corp Close Up 33.33% Yesterday After a Major Awareness Campaign, Targeting it as a Top Penny Stock.

Share: saw shares of Mindpix Corp close up 33.33% yesterday, after a special alert, as their platform continues to expand and grow.

Brooklyn, New York (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

After a significant awareness campaign put together for Mindpix Corp, saw the stock close up 33.33% on volume of more than 6.7 million shares traded. The 6.7 million shares represented a significant push for Mindpix shares as the Penny Stock Dream platform has continued to grow its awareness reach as membership to their platform has continued to kick up rapidly in recent history. Due to the elevating size of their awareness campaigns, their subscribers have seen significant profit potential over the past 3 weeks. In just the last 11 trading days alone, their subscribers have seen potential profits of more than 900% on their top penny stock alerts. As this rate of growth continues to increase, has become the fastest growing penny stock newsletter group, seeing record numbers of daily subscribers coming in, as their daily growth now is more than double what it was just a little over one week ago. With these sorts of advances it has been made clear that this penny stock promotion group is looking to make a serious name for itself within the penny stock exchange, as they treat their platform as a serious business, with constant changes and transformations taking place as they learn and grow within the industry.

The impressive movement with Mindpix yesterday is testament to how quickly this promotional group has grown and represents only a small portion of the significant profits that their subscribers have seen made on their top wining picks, over the past two weeks. It has not only been the impressive profits that have garnered the attention of many investors but also the work ethic that they have shown themselves to adhere to, in recent history. Rarely has any penny stock promotion group ever commanded the sort of respect that this one does, as a shining light within an industry that has often been rocked with scandal and turmoil. The platform at has shown investors that not only are they very knowledgeable about what they do when it comes to money and stocks but also that they are not afraid to relate to their clientele on a human level, answering any and all questions that their subscribers may pose. As time wears on, more information becomes known about this promotion group and as time goes on the penny stock investment community continues to see them in a more positive light.

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