Market Overview Sees over $5.9 Million Worth of Trades in A 123 Systems, Inc After Alerting it as a Top Penny Stock Pick.

Share: saw over $5.9 million worth of trades in A 123 Systems Inc yesterday, after alerting it through their penny stock newsletter platform.

Brooklyn, New York (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

During yesterday's trading, investors saw A 123 Systems, Inc trade $5.9 million worth throughout the day, to close the day out up another 6.05%. This sort of dollar volume is very rare within the penny stock exchange, so seeing these numbers goes to show the significant strength that this penny stock newsletter group holds within its alert system. Multi-million dollar trade days are generally reserved for big board companies trading on higher exchanges like the Nasdaq or Dow Jones Industrial but after special alerts from, stocks have often seen impressive levels of volume, do to the incredible outreach program that they have put together, to get the word out to those interested in trading penny stocks, about the fact that these little known companies exist. Penny stocks are very often, companies that just do not have the resources or understanding of social communication practices, to be able to get their message out to enough people, so groups like Penny Stock Picks work to get the word out to potential investors, in hopes that people may like what the companies have to offer, get involved, and drive greater liquidity into the stocks.

The level of involvement that has had with A 123 Systems, Inc in recent history has been extensive. Followers to their platform have now seen potential gains of more than 180% on this play that they had initially alerted as a major bounce play but has now developed into so much more. It has become quite clear that this company trades heavily with wild swings in price and it is for this reason that we have seen sustained coverage from Penny Stock Dream, suggesting that this it may be one of their top stock picks for a good deal of time to come. Within the past 11 days of trading, subscribers to the penny stock newsletter platform, have seen gains of well over 900%, so it comes as no surprise that there has been a great deal more attention turned toward their platform as of late. With heightened attention they have seen more subscriber sign-ups within a single day yesterday, than they had ever seen in a daily tally before. Needless to say Penny Stock Dream is growing fast and will likely continue to accelerate in its growth as time progresses.

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