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NBrella®, Inc Partners with CorePLUS to Deliver a High Data Integrity Cloud Management Platform


NBrella®, Inc and CorePLUS partnership results in a high-performance cloud platform featuring data and record integrity, and increased cloud security.

Belmont, CA (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

NBrella®, Inc is proud to announce a partnership with CorePLUS, resulting in unmatched security, performance, and flexibility in the cloud.

CorePLUS is dedicated to providing their customers with the highest level of data security available, and has chosen NBrella®, Inc as their preferred partner for integrity coverage and cloud security.

Kent Potter, Chief Marketing Officer of CorePLUS, states "CorePLUS is proud to be a strategic partner with NBrella® in offering world-class backup, data recovery, encryption, and custodial control to our customers." NBrella® systems create high data security, “Integrity-of-Record,” and secure audit capabilities for the CorePLUS platform – while also providing robust and flexible snapshot generation, recording capability, and disaster recovery.

NBrella's® addition to the CorePLUS platform addresses the number-one concern organizations face when considering the move to a cloud infrastructure.

The 2012 Cisco Global Cloud Networking Survey, compiled from a group of more than 1,300 IT decision makers, highlights that “data protection security was cited [by 72% of those who participated in the survey] as the top network challenge or roadblock responsible for preventing a successful implementation of cloud services” (News Release: Root Canal or Cloud Migration? Cisco Study Reveals Many IT Professionals have Ways to Go in Getting their Networks Ready for Cloud Migration).

Including NBrella® protection in the CorePlus platform addresses the issue of data protection and cloud security head-on, making it is highly improbable CorePLUS customers will ever lose data. NBrella® results in record integrity, including multiple current and historical data and application records, and the sector-level changes or updates in the history of those records. With NBrella's® optional third-party custodial control, CorePLUS can promise their customers greater security and integrity under their cloud-based platform than what is traditionally possible under the customer's own roof.

An NBrella® partnership provides complementary brand synergy with CorePLUS' existing focus on security. Customers expect their cloud provider to include backup and disaster recovery. CorePLUS with NBrella® exceeds user expectations by moving beyond BDR to a new paradigm featuring increased data security and Integrity-of-Record. In addition, CorePLUS' dedication to a zero footprint, “no data on devices” focus is further complemented by the high data integrity NBrella® provides.

NBrella® facilitates the majority of FedRAMP and CSA control sets, a significant concern for many cloud providers as we move into 2013. Additionally, NBrella® opens up multiple new revenue stream opportunities for CorePLUS.

NBrella®, Inc with CorePLUS sets a new standard for control and security in cloud environments.

About NBrella®, Inc:

NBrella®, Inc is based in Silicon Valley and provides security and Integrity-of-Record for Cloud Service Providers and Private Clouds. NBrella® helps achieve data & record integrity in the cloud, thereby mitigating many security concerns facing greater cloud adoption today. NBrella® cuts liability for service providers, which lowers insurance premiums and delivers greater peace of mind. NBrella® helps solve a significant marketing challenge -- proving safety, security, and data integrity in the cloud. In addition, NBrella® Cloud Coverage facilitates FedRAMP and CSA control sets. Visit the NBrella® website at

About CorePLUS:

CorePLUS, based in Dallas, offers a single source for application, infrastructure, and a Web 2.0 platform. CorePLUS is a one-of-a-kind PaaS that provides a simple, secure way to manage IT and deliver any application, to any device, securely and on-demand. CorePLUS enables companies of any size to cost-effectively move to the cloud for all their computing needs. CorePLUS is committed to reducing the everyday hassle of IT and application management, while dramatically increasing performance and decreasing the costs of IT for companies of all types and sizes. Visit the CorePLUS website at

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