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McKinney Orthodotics Explains Tips for Swallowing Correctly


Which swallow pattern a person has dictates if the teeth will be straight or crooked.

McKinney, TX (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

A little known fact is that there are different ways to swallow. The correct way to swallow has the tip of the tongue touching the incisive papilla. This is a little bump behind the top two front teeth.

While swallowing, the tip of the tongue stays on the incisive papilla as the body of the tongue curls up in the roof of the mouth. This repeated muscular action shapes the upper jaw in the shape of the tongue. This is the correct shape and width of the upper jaw for the teeth to erupt into. Teeth should touch in the good swallow. Lastly, when using the correct swallow the muscles of the lips and chin should stay passive. No suction is created while the tongue does the bulk work of the good swallow.

Teeth will erupt into the zone of balance between the forces of the tongue and lips. If the muscles of the tongue and lips are well balanced then teeth will come in straight. If the tongue overpowers the lips on swallowing, then teeth will come in with spaces or gaps between them. If the lips overpower the tongue, then the teeth come in crowded and the upper jaw size will be too small.

There are many types of bad swallows but they have several similarities. First the teeth are separated. The tongue drops down and flares out the space between the upper and lower teeth. This could be forward movement of the tongue called a forward tongue thrust or a sideways movement of the tongue called a lateral tongue thrust. The muscles of the lips and chin button fire with a huge force as the swallow is performed by a suction caused by this muscular action.

This bad swallow pattern allows the muscles of the lips and cheeks to crush in the upper jaw making it too narrow. The chin button muscle, the mentalis, is overactive keeping the chin from developing forward and crushing in the lower front teeth. The tongue is not up in the palate to counterbalance this sucking muscular pattern. In fact the tongue is now applying its' pressure to misshape the lower jaw and crowd lower teeth. As the teeth erupt into the bad swallow they are pushed into a crooked shaped arch. This is good only for the dentists supplying braces.

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