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Turnkey Robot Opens the Door to Greater Subassembly Efficiency


Leading UK based adhesive tape converters, Parafix announce their latest investment: The AccuPlace APAC robotic assembly system, which has already boosted Parafix's ability to engineer components seamlessly into the production process.

Lancing, West Sussex (PRWEB UK) 1 November 2012

OPTIMISING output while minimising production costs remains a crucial element of a flexible and profitable automated electronics subassembly process.

Meeting the rapidly changing needs of customers is also vital, from the manufacture of automotive electronics and medical devices to mobile phones and computers.

Leading adhesive tape converter Parafix operates within such a diverse assembly environment and is always looking for ways of embracing advances in technology to deliver subassembly savings.

Among the Lancing-based company's latest investments is the AccuPlace APAC robotic assembly system, which has already boosted Parafix's ability to engineer components seamlessly into the production process.

The APAC system represents a giant leap forward for Parafix's assembly capabilities and means its clients now have access to high end equipment without the front end investment.

Small, thin, flexible materials such as electrical tapes, foams and films are difficult and unusual for customers to handle and the APAC system removes those challenges.

Business Development Manager, Paul Barwick said: “Manufacturing firms such as Parafix have to constantly develop new ways of maximising the efficiency of the subassembly process to maintain a competitive edge and give customers improved value for money. Using robotic systems is an effective way of achieving this.

“The APAC requires only minimal investment to change assembly jobs. This gives our customers access to state of the art accurate adhesive component assembly without the need for large investment. We can now offer the most complex adhesive sub-assemblies with greater speed and precision.

“Custom made vacuum chucks are the only hardware required to changeover from one product to another. This flexibility allows running of different medical device, electronic or automotive assembly programs often in the same day.”

The AccuPlace innovative gantry robot APAC is the optimal turnkey solution for fully automatic assembly of labels and adhesive components. Standard linear driven X-Y axes, optional servo Z and U axes, a PC based control and powerful ARSIC software build the most effective adhesive component assembly tool on the market.

The APAC can accommodate up to four label or die-cut component feeders allowing four separate components to be assembled. Dual tray feeders enable accurate positioning of metal or plastic target parts. Optional print capability enables labels to be printed and applied at the same time, further improving production speeds. Integrated vision systems allow assembly to incredible tolerances as well as offering added inspection capability.

Parafix is a UK leader in the adhesive tape industry, converting and cutting filmic tape to incredibly accurate specifications for use in sectors such as electronics, healthcare and engineering.

On average, it is possible that consumers touch a device containing a Parafix product up to 30 times a day, ranging from mobile phones to cars and computers. The firm promotes the use of adhesive tape as a cheaper and more efficient fixing method than traditional methods such as pop rivets.

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