Market Overview New Weight Watchers Scale Helps Dieters Lose Fat Long Term


The Weight Watchers Scale comes in many different models, some with more features than others. For those looking to track specific stats, such as body fat percentage and BMI, the more detailed scales would be the best option. However, if simple weight loss is the goal, a scale that accurately shows total body weight and tracks losses should suffice. reviews the benefits of these scales in a new blog post.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

The new Weight Watchers Scale can help dieters to lose weight long term, as it helps them not only to measure their total body weight, but also to keep track of their body fat percentage, their hydration and accurately measure their body mass index. This can help them to see where they are really at when it comes to their fitness goals, as total body weight can fluctuate for many reasons.

Because they can see if they are actually losing body fat, many dieters will be encouraged to continue on even if they do gain a pound or two in a week, because this weight gain could easily be due to water in the body or other factors. The Weight Watchers Scale measures body fat by sending a small electric current through the fat and muscle in the body. This type of technology is called bio-impedance and it basically reads the returning signal to determine what percent of the body's total mass is fat, water etc.

Individuals can program their Weight Watchers Scale by entering their age, height and gender into the scale. Many models of the scale can be programmed for multiple people, so the whole family can benefit from the accurate BMI measurements the scale provides. After tapping the scale to power it on, the person will step on the scale and receive a sequence of numbers, each pertaining to a certain aspect of the body weight such as fat percentage, water percentage, total body weight and body mass index. Once the sequence is understood, it is easy to keep track of these percentages and accurately record gains and losses on the way to a fitness goal. A full Weight Watchers Scale review gives more information on the weight loss tool.

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