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Ink Development Kit for Epson DX5 Print Head


A JetXpert-based ink development kit, specifically designed to address the unique characteristics of the Epson DX5 print head, is now available for purchase.

Nashua, NH (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

A JetXpert-based ink development kit, specifically designed to address the unique characteristics of the Epson DX5 print head, is now available for purchase from ImageXpert.

The DX5 print head is gaining popularity for industrial inkjet applications. Characterizing fluid performance is a critical step in successful system development and integration. Measuring the in-flight characteristics of droplets can aid in developing ink formulation and optimizing overall ink jet system performance. In industrial applications, ink performance is critical to up time, throughput, and product quality.

“We are offering this kit in response to numerous customer requests”, says Yair Kipman, President of ImageXpert. “The unique DX5 geometry and drive characteristics make ink development and optimization particularly challenging. By offering our customers an integrated development kit, their development process can be more efficient, and insights into ink behavior during jetting can help drive informed optimization decisions.”

ImageXpert's ink development kit for the Epson DX5 includes a JetXpert system for dropwatching and analysis of drops in flight. Specially designed mounting hardware allows the unique DX5 print head geometry to be evaluated using existing and new JetXpert systems. A manual positioning stage with 1" travel allows analysis of multiple rows of jets.

The JetXpert analysis software enables measurement of jetting performance including drop volume, velocity and trajectory. Measurements can be collected over time for trend analysis and statistical analysis to assess system stability.

A proprietary DX5 print head driver is provided to trigger droplet generation for analysis of drops-in-flight. The driver includes an easy-to-use user interface allowing users to select specific jet banks and jet ranges for firing in several pre-configured modes.

A custom ink supply system for the DX5 enables efficient ink changeover, necessary during ink formulation development and optimization.

Since the DX5 does not have electronic purge capability, a vacuum-assisted syringe-based purge system is included to allow manual purging of the head.

“Offering this kit to our customers allows them to evaluate the DX5 head as a potential solution for their applications”, Kipman continues. “Customers can purchase a full JetXpert-based DX5 development kit, and existing JetXpert systems can be retrofitted.”

About ImageXpert Inc.
ImageXpert is based in Nashua, New Hampshire. Since 1989, ImageXpert has been producing machine vision based inspection equipment for digital printing and deposition system developers and manufacturers for use in R&D and production environments. ImageXpert's JetXpert drop watcher and analysis system can be used for any frequency based, non-contact deposition system for analysis of drops in flight. JetXpert measures volume of single droplets, droplet streams or ligaments, drop velocity and trajectory. ImageXpert also offers a wide range of camera-based systems for analysis of features such as lead width, dot presence, position and size for both non-contact and contact deposition systems.

ImageXpert sells directly in the UK and Europe.

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