Market Overview Introduces an Easy Way to Build Scalable Real-Time Apps in JavaScript


XmlKernel is a new way to build collaborative, real-time applications that respond automatically to data changes using JavaScript. XmlKernel can be used by businesses who want to easily make an app that will engage and interact with their customers through the Internet. XmlKernel provides these businesses with a predictable data management system and reasonable data management costs.

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

The notion of easily making a real-time cloud applications for an Internet site, right now, almost seems to good to be true. But the fact is this notion is easily achievable at XmlKernel lets a JavaScript developer create fully interactive Internet Applications using only the W3C non-proprietary Web Standards (CSS3, HTML5, object oriented JavaScript and XML) with no server management required, making it the easiest and most cost effective way for a business to build an app for their website.

On his Internet Log, owner of XmlKernel, Jerry Visser, states, “I would like to introduce XmlKernel, a data system that is designed to be used directly in the web browser using JavaScript. XmlKernel supports cloud data storage for easy scaling and a User Authorization & Authentication system that can be used to create online environments, cross domain social apps or apps for iphone or android apps.” This service is set to vastly improve and simplify Internet application development and the real-time database environment.

Expert and beginner JavaScript developers can use XmlKernel. For client side connectivity and user-based data access, XmlKernel uses object oriented JavaScript solutions with the jQuery library. Since XmlKernel provides user authorization authentication for online cloud data storage, and developers can easily create an app that requires sign-in, sign-out, and can authenticate users, there truly is no limit to what kind of app a developer can create.

Developers through the Data Management Console – a simple point and click Ajax program, easily manage data for a web applications built with XmlKernel. There is a cloud computing intelligence to the XmlKernel data system where XmlKernel provides secure user-based data access directly from JavaScript on the Client Browser, thus eliminating the need for server management. This creates a change in focus for web development and simplifies the creation of new web apps. The online JavaScript tutorials at take a developer through the entire process of creating an app, so they can immediately grasp how easy it is to take their ideas online into a real-time, functional app.

In addition to being an easy way to build a real-time app, XmlKernel provides safe and secure handling of data. XmlKernel uses Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), which allows data to be accessed securely across domains. Also, the XmlKernel service includes SSL encryption by default, so all data is protected from threats while in transmission. Any business that creates an application using XmlKernel can be assured their data-in-the-cloud is secure.

XmlKernel really is the easy way to build scalable, real-time apps. “XmlKernel is the answer to many businesses' desires of building a custom app that is designed to meet their specific needs, and we are really excited to be launching it for immediate use, right now!” says Jerry Visser.

XmlKernel Web Service is a new company based in Montreal Canada. Their owner, Jerry Visser, graduated from British Columbia Institute of Technology where he studied Electrical and Computer Engineering. Since 2004, Jerry has been creating enterprise data-driven solutions in Canada. To learn more about XmlKernel, contact Jerry directly at (514) 341-1110.

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