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Prep & Serve - the Answer to the Age Old Question, "Mom, What is for Dinner?" A Great Way to Have Dinner on the Table Fast


Prep & Serve is a new system to make dinner fast and easy, with all your ingredients in one box, with only one lid to open. Makes that age old question, "Mom, what is for dinner?" a snap to answer! With all your fresh ingredients in one box it is easy for kids to make themselves, and with less mess left behind. The best thing next to sliced bread!

St. Paul, MN (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

There is a little buzz going about a new product called Prep & Serve. Why? Because it really is new - a new system to get all your items from the fridge, onto the table in one swoop… one swift move. The ability to make breakfast, lunch or snacks in a snap, quicker than some of the food network shows we all watch!

Imagine the kids saying, "Mom, what is for dinner?" and you direct them to get out the Prep & Serve. It is ready and filled with their favorite fixings, just like the restaurants you may visit. NO more whining, instead, everyone can easily make their own sandwich, taco or pizza in a minute, while choosing what THEY want to put on. And - leave less mess! One box from the fridge to the table, just add your favorite bread, pasta or greens.

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Some comments from others -
This should free up space in our fridge. I can't wait to try it out!
What a great product! I can definitely use this on hockey nights
Excited to see these American Bento Boxes become a reality!!
Can't wait to reduce the clutter in my fridge!

Prep & Serve may never make it to the market without help. Watch the video and think of how easy this could be at home, on the boat, in the dorm. All those places where you need to take multiple items, but always a hassle.

Prep & Serve was designed by a woman, with women in mind. To make life easier for moms trying their best to get dinner on the table, those with picky eaters (who everyone has to appease) and parents juggling kids to sporting events. Most families do not eat dinner together, as schedules get more hectic. This answers the question of "Mom, what's for dinner?" and it makes the kids feel as if they have some control over what they eat.

Who hasn't had to resist that candy dish after a holiday? That time when you are so hungry, you just grab what is available, and not always the best choice. Dieters will find this ultra convenient as long as they fill ahead with those items that are best for their diet - a great way to have a salad within minutes of getting home. The inner containers are measurement marked, which is helpful with weight loss plans. And having your food looking good and easily available makes a much better presentation, so much more fun to eat your vegetables! Because everything is sealed separately, you can keep unlike items all in one container - nuts, carrots, protein powder and salsa, all ready and available as meal additions.

This product is also well suited for those gourmet cooks, who want an easy and convenient way to prep for a big dinner, not forget an ingredient, and effortlessly and elegantly cook or host a buffet. Many a personal chef or small biz caterer that has to take food off site will appreciate the convenience and professional appearance. And oh so easy to bring food for a weekend trip or tailgating party!

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