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(PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Because the most popular online degrees are degrees that also represent the type of special skills and knowledge people need to fill the most in-demand job positions, has published a comprehensive list of post-secondary degrees that employers are actively looking for in prospective employees today. With healthcare, computer technology and business-related job openings steadily increasing in number each year, knowing which degree is the most advantageous to pursue can mean the difference between finding long-term, well-paying employment or submitting hundreds of resumes to companies that are not involved in fields that are hiring or even plan to hire in the future.

Researchers working for culled this list of most popular online degrees from several respected educational resources that analyze trends in distance learning practices. By gathering the top online schools' enrollment numbers, retention rates and graduation statistics, was able to compile an authoritative list of the most preferred and useful degrees pursued by hundreds of thousands of online students each year.

Examples of some of these popular online degree programs include:

-Business administration
-Marketing and advertising
-Healthcare management
-Criminal justice
-Computer technology/computer science
-Graphic design

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Information from accredited online colleges and universities that exhibited retention rates above 60 percent were used in comprising this list of most popular online degrees. Online schools with low retention rates could not provide reliable statistics since below average retention rates indicated that many students who enrolled in a degree program did not complete the program and therefore did not receive an associate or bachelor's degree. Moreover, online schools showing good to exceptional retention rates offered a diverse selection of degree programs that enhanced's list of the most popular degrees more statistically significant results.

Over the past decade, online colleges and universities have evolved from lesser known, unaccredited distance learning schools to officially recognized, academic institutions providing legitimate degrees that are readily accepted by employers and other educational facilities. In addition, all of the degrees included in's list of the most popular online school degrees are issued by post-secondary educational foundations that have been accredited by a national and/or regional accrediting agency acknowledged by the U.S. Department of Education. has also provided interested students with information extracted from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Government's Occupational Outlook Handbook regarding current and future employment prospects of each of the most popular online degrees outlined in the article. As the primary fact-gathering agency working for the federal government in regards to the economic and labor status of the U.S., the BLS is responsible for the accurate collection, processing, examination and disseminating of analytical data for the benefit of the public as well as all other state and local agencies concerned with reducing unemployment issues. Alternately, the Occupational Outlook Handbook is published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and represents an excellent resource for individuals interested in learning about the nature of a certain job, conditions under which someone will work if hired for that position and average salary of employees holding that job.

By issuing a verifiable list of the most popular online school degrees, delivers information that is vital as well as authoritative to people who are considering the pursuit of an educational degree. Capable of providing employment, stability and earning power in the economically fluctuating conditions of a post-recession job market, these degrees can be found in the curriculum offered by most accredited online learning colleges and universities.

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