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Article on Conflict Management and Negativity Bias puts Author in Sustainable Leadership Blog's Top 10


Al Gonzalez, co-founder of GIVE Leadership Institute, has been named one of the 2011-2012 Top 10 Contributing Authors for an article dealing with negativity bias and the role of conflict management in sustainable leadership that was the 5th most read post on that award-winning leadership blog this past year.

Ithaca, New York (PRWEB) October 31, 2012 has announced that Al Gonzalez, co-founder of GIVE Leadership Institute, is one of its 2011-2012 Top 10 Contributing Authors for his article, “6 Steps to Sustainable Leadership: Maintaining Harmony,” which explores negativity bias,sustainable leadership and conflict management. The article was the 5th most read post on the leadership blog this year, and one of series of articles contributed by Gonzalez that deal with issues that impact leaders and their teams such as employee engagement, workplace bullying and the “Triple Bottom Line” of People, Profit and Planet.

In his announcement, Tom Schulte, Executive Director of Linked 2 Leadership congratulated Gonzalez and said that he was “really impacting the world with (his) content.” He also said that the award-winning article would be featured in the blog's “Best of L2L Blogazine 2011-2012” series. is considered by several rating services as one of the top 25 leadership blogs on the Internet with annual readership of over 100,000 visitors. The blog's stated mission is to maintain and communicate the highest standards and disciplines involved in personal leadership effectiveness to help build, grow & develop other leaders.

The article that placed Gonzalez in the blog's top ten focused on the role all members of a team play in the development of conflict. He asserts that this role stems from our tendency to distort others' actions into “self-justifying” reasons for judging others.

“This is happening as we see ourselves as good, hardworking, and honest,” Gonzalez writes. “In reality, this self-image is seldom the truth, as we often engage in negative politics and confrontations that simply hinder the teams' ability to achieve the best results possible.” He goes on to encourage leaders to help all team members understand how conflict develops (and what can be done to manage it) as a critical part of the team's overall ability to maintain harmony, maximize its strengths, and consistently exceed expectations.

Gonzalez alludes to the concept of “collusion” found in the Arbinger Institute publication "Leadership and Self-Deception," which describes this tendency to distort others' actions and see what others do in ways that maximizes frustration. His article points out that collusion results in assumptions about others' intentions that are often wrong.

One of the blog readers who commented on the article, said “I think assumptions really are the basis for a lot of unnecessary problems in the workplace. As a management consultant I see this trend a lot where by a manager will deliberately sabotage the success of some rising stars in his department because he is afraid that one of them might steal his job.”

The article covers other potentially damaging actions a supervisor can take if they fall prey to these kinds of assumptions. “When we are given supervisory authority over others, we have to be extremely careful to verify our assumptions as authority can enhance our need to be ‘right' and justified in our assumptions, Gonzalez writes. “There is nothing more detrimental to staff morale than being incorrectly judged by management.”

Gonzalez's series of articles includes solutions to this problem such as a feedback mechanism that provides leaders with a strategic organizational tool designed to avoid costly assumptions in the workplace. This is one of the leadership tools GIVE Leadership Institute offers in presentations and articles that have also been featured on leadership blogs other than, such as

GIVE Leadership Institute was founded in 2010 with a mission to help present and future generations of leadership better understand the need for change in the recognition of people as precious resources and equip them to develop truly sustainable teams. GLI's programs have been applied, tested and refined in an array of diverse teams composed of IT engineers, developers, designers and project managers during Gonzalez's 16 years of experience leading IT and web development teams for Motorola and CBS Sports and Cornell University.

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