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Titan Energy Worldwide Tops $1 Million in Service Revenues for October, a 250% Increase Over 2011


Company sends extra support staff to help efforts in storm ravaged Northeast

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Titan Energy Worldwide, Inc. (OTC: TEWI), a leader in distributed power generation products and intelligent energy management services, today announced that the Company realized more than $1 million in service revenues for the month of October.  One year ago, the company's service revenues averaged about $400,000 a month.  The increase is largely due to the expansion of the Company's successful national account business. 

Titan also announced that it is sending additional service technicians and support staff to help with the disaster recovery efforts in New York and New Jersey.  The Company has an office in northern New Jersey which services about 200 customers and locations throughout the two states. 

Stated Jeffrey Flannery, Chief Executive Officer of Titan Energy Worldwide, "To reach the million dollar mark in monthly service revenue is quite an accomplishment for the Company.  We have expanded our service program 2 to 3 times over where we were a year ago and we now service several thousands of locations with customers in nearly every state.  Having this national footprint also creates the responsibility for responding to customer locations which are hit by natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.  But this is what we are paid for: to keep grocery and retail stores open, data centers and healthcare institutions operational during times of catastrophic grid failure." 

Stated Kyle Gillett, Titan Energy Director of Service Operations, "We are dispatching additional trucks and service personnel to the affected areas in New Jersey and New York as soon as we can.  We have about 40 big box retail stores, a number of large, critical data centers as well as more than 100 other customers including assisted living homes and health care centers that will probably need support for a week or more. We hope to be able to help our customers as well as provide extra support to our Generac partners in the area."

"With the dramatic increase in our service contracts and revenues, we have a chance that the 4th quarter of 2012 will be our first profitable quarter.  What the impact of Hurricane Sandy will be on our fourth quarter results is not known at this time.  However, right now, we are focused on doing what we do best. The need for our services is at a critical level and we are prepared to respond.  Our goal is to allow our customers stay on line and help keep people safe," added Flannery.

About Titan Energy Worldwide, Inc.
Since its founding, Titan Energy Worldwide has been dedicated to helping companies meet their power generation and energy management needs.  To date we have focused on providing thousands of customers with the most advanced power generation equipment to enable their operations to continue uninterrupted during times of power failures or disasters.  We have also established a professional service team that helps customers to maintain and manage their power generations assets. From emergency and backup power technologies, to demand response programs and Smart Grid applications, Titan Energy is setting a path for the future in energy management. For more information, please visit the company's website at:  

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