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Somfy Home Automation: Experience Security, Comfort and Energy Savings


BEIRUT, Lebanon, November 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Somfy Home Automation offers advanced features and innovation to transform your home into a haven of well-being and safety. A space that is in harmony with its environment.  Somfy Home Automation means security, living comfort and energy savings. It also ensures you get the most out of your electric gates, roller shutters, electric garage doors and electric projector screen.

Somfy Home Automation is all about security. With it, you can close all your home's openings in one simple click. This centralized solution ensures you'll never forget a window open. It also features presence simulation to control your house's systems as if it were occupied. Somfy Home Automation delivers feedback in real time. This checks the correct execution of an order and the status of each electric gate, roller shutter, electric garage door and electric projector screen (open/closed, on/off...). For added convenience, you can control and monitor equipment remotely, ensuring nothing has been forgotten and empowering you with the means to take action if needed.

Somfy Home Automation embodies living comfort. Free yourself from repetitive everyday tasks like opening and closing shutters. With a single movement protect your privacy, eliminate annoying reflections, and ventilate a room or the entire house. Created your favorite ambiance and change the overall feel of your home in a few clicks. Make your home or office feel perfect.

Somfy Home Automation is your key to saving energy. How? By automating the opening and closing of roller shutters and solar protections, you improve the insulation of your home. This means less need for heating in winter and cooling in summer. Somfy Home Automation is a smart choice.  

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