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Q&A with Chairman of Agriculture Stock Urban Barns Foods (OTCQB: URBF)


Mr. Daniel Meikleham Shares Vision for Cubic Farming

NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ( staff:, an investor research portal specializing in sector for independent investors features an exclusive Q&A interview with Urban Barns Foods Inc.'s (OTCQB: URBF) Chairman and Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Daniel Meikleham. Mr. Meikleham shares the vision of the company moving forward following recent news of milestones of funding and the startup strategy to build and operate the first barn situated in the West Island of Montreal.

Q: staff
Dan can you first of all explain the concept of cubic farming?

A: Mr. Daniel Meikleham

Cubic Farming is next generation farming where we have the ability to use all of the cubic space within an environmentally controlled building for growing fresh leafy green produce. Field farming utilizes the horizontal area, Greenhouses the same. Some plants such as vines, like tomatoes and cucumbers, or bell peppers can be grown vertically, but require corridors between the rows to enable the farmers to harvest. Cubic Farming utilizes the multiple layers and total space without the need of farmer's access space. It becomes a total critical mass of vegetation.     

Q: staff
With the recent news of funding and the startup strategy to build and operate the first barn situated in the West Island of Montreal, Quebec- where does that place the company now? Also, where does the current funding take you in terms of operation over the next 6 months?   

A: Mr. Daniel Meikleham

After three years of R&D we are totally ready to commence production of commercial quantities of lettuce. The recent funding enables the company to hire the key members of our operational team who have been patiently waiting in the wings and have contributed significantly to the design of our startup strategy.  

Q: staff
Can you explain what makes your process proprietary?

A: Mr. Daniel Meikleham

We introduced second generation line manufacturing principles to agriculture. The management of the cueing system is where the product moves rather that the workers. Think Henry Ford. We have also overcome some significant environmental issues of hot and cold spots which the plants do not like and have challenged academia who have otherwise make great progress in growth chamber agriculture over the last 10 years. Basically, we have combined the best of breed of manufacturing principles with controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Rather than static indoor farming we have introduced dynamic controlled farming.

Q: staff
What is the marketing strategy for the product once you are up and running? Where will consumers find your products?

A: Mr. Daniel Meikleham

We are a volume play. We can scale to the largest supermarket to supply to the masses. Our marketing strategy is seed to supermarket direct as just in time inventory. The consumers will not have to go out of their way to find us.  We will be right there on their local supermarket shelves.

Q: staff
The trend for organic and healthy food is very much on the rise globally, all you have to do is look at the success of Whole Foods Market, Inc.- so in that light what is the big picture or vision for Urban Barns Foods Inc?

A: Mr. Daniel Meikleham

Our big picture is to introduce food safety, security and traceability to major metropolitan communities. We do not use any pesticides, fungicides or herbicides and therefore we are actually considered beyond organic. By growing locally we eliminate vast miles to market which makes our locally grown produce nutritionally superior to produce with a high petroleum price tag. Our mission is to lead the growing army of people who are genuinely concerned with greenhouse gas emissions.  We offer a fresh solution for their personal quest towards social and environmental accountability, to help them reduce their carbon footprint, one meal at a time.

About Urban Barns Foods Inc. (OTCQB: URBF)

Urban Barns uses patent pending proprietary equipment to produce affordable vegetables in a secure and controlled indoor environment. By setting up subsidiary facilities and growing locally, Urban Barns can focus on supplying any community, irrespective of the regional climate, effectively reducing shipping times and related spoilage costs. Urban Barns has the unique ability to scale and cater to the demands of all major communities. Our commitment to our consumers is reflected through our motto, "Purely Fresh, Naturally Tasty, and Completely Healthy." and are registered trademarks and Cubic Farming and Cubic Agriculture are copyright of Urban Barns Foods Inc. All other company and product names mentioned are used only for identification purposes and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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