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Miraculins Launches French Language Web Site for PreVu(R)


WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwire - Nov. 5, 2012) - Miraculins Inc. (TSX VENTURE:MOM), a medical diagnostic company focused on acquiring, developing and commercializing diagnostic tests and risk assessment technologies for unmet clinical needs, today announced the launch of a French language web site for its PreVu(R) Non-Invasive Skin Cholesterol Point of Care (POC) Test at

The French language web site has been designed to provide comprehensive information on the science of skin cholesterol as a new biomarker for risk of coronary artery disease (CAD), and the PreVu technology designed to measure it. The web site has been divided into two separate information areas; a scientific and clinical section for Healthcare Professionals and a general overview section for Public/Consumers to learn more about the PreVu(R) POC Test.

"The launch of our French language web site represents another significant step forward in the introduction of the PreVu POC Test to all Canadians, in particular the Francophone community in the Province of Quebec, which has a total population of over 8 million and is the country's second largest market after Ontario," said Paul Moreau, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Miraculins Inc.

"In addition to being able to effectively communicate with the healthcare community and general public in Quebec, and with Francophone communities in other parts of the country as well, the delivery of our new French language web site will also allow us to accelerate the consideration of our marketing and distribution strategies within the European Union. The French language there is one of the three most spoken next to English and German."

The French language web site includes:

-- presentations of clinical data covering the research and studies that
have established the strong association between elevated skin
cholesterol levels and risk of significant coronary artery disease, as
measured by treadmill stress testing and coronary angiography, as well
as measured by testing for coronary calcium, carotid artery thickening
and carotid artery plaque;

-- detailed technical information about the PreVu POC Test and technology
components, including the PreVu Handheld Spectrophotometer and the PreVu
Test Reagent Kit;

-- comprehensive step-by-step walk-throughs of how the PreVu POC Test is
conducted, including video presentations;

-- a specialized self-study and proficiency qualification system for PreVu
Test Operators across the country, facilitating streamlined clinical
training; and

-- clear directions for PreVu product ordering and accessing PreVu Customer
Service and Support.

While both English and French language web sites will be significant assets for Miraculins in the determination of its expansion plans for PreVu into the European Union, they may be subject to minor content adjustments in order to meet regulatory requirements, which can vary across jurisdictions, to allow access by EU populations.

Miraculins recently launched the PreVu POC Test in English Canada through London Drugs, a pharmacy chain with 76 locations in more than 35 major markets throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, including its online store at London Drugs offers consumers a range of products from digital cameras and cosmetics to computers and televisions. Renowned for its creative approach to retailing, the company employs more than 7,500 people with pharmacy and healthcare services being the heart of its business.

About the PreVu Non-Invasive Skin Cholesterol Test

The PreVu(R) Point of Care (POC) Test is a non-invasive, risk assessment technology designed to measure Skin Cholesterol - an important new biomarker in assessing risk of coronary artery disease (CAD). The PreVu(R) POC Test is completely painless, non-invasive, involves no blood draw or needles, and requires no overnight fasting. This in vitro diagnostic test is conducted on the palm of the hand in less than 5 minutes with results being immediately available, facilitating point of care consultation and a next steps discussion. Skin Cholesterol is the cholesterol that has been deposited and diffused into tissue, as opposed to freely circulating in the bloodstream, and the skin contains approximately 11% of all the cholesterol found in the human body, by weight. Elevated Skin Cholesterol has been shown in clinical studies to be strongly associated with significant CAD as measured by treadmill stress testing and coronary angiography, as well as measured by testing for coronary calcium, carotid artery thickening, and carotid artery plaque. The PreVu POC Test does not diagnose the presence or absence of CAD, but helps to identify patients who may be at higher, hidden risk for CAD by measuring this new biomarker. For more information visit

About Miraculins Inc.

Miraculins is a medical diagnostic company focused on acquiring, developing and commercializing non-invasive tests for unmet clinical needs. A significant number of promising diagnostic opportunities remain un-commercialized because of the sizable gap between the discovery stage, when research institutions are typically involved, and the commercialization stage, when the larger commercial enterprises become interested. Miraculins has direct experience in bridging this gap. The Company's PreVu(R) technology is a revolutionary new coronary artery disease risk assessment technology that measures cholesterol levels in a patient's skin non-invasively, painlessly and without the need for fasting. Miraculins is also advancing a suite of biomarkers to aid in the early detection of the devastating disease of pregnancy known as preeclampsia. The Company's preeclampsia program is partnered with Alere Inc., one of the world's largest diagnostic companies. For more information visit

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