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(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 23, 2012 ) San Francisco, CA -- The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) has released a report stating that the overall percentage of adult cigarette smokers in the United States has dropped from 20.9% in 2005, to 19% in 2011.

Unfortunately, the report also shows that there was little to no drop from 2010 to 2011.

Let us look at some other numbers from the report: People who smoke more than 30 cigarettes a day fell from 12.6% in 2005 to 9.1% in 2011, while those who smoke between one and nine rose from 16.4% in 2005 to 22% in 2011.

As far as age and ethnicity, here are the numbers from the report: In 2011, 21% of smokers were men, while 16.5% were women. The lowest percentage of smokers by ethnicity came from non-Hispanic Asians at 9.9%, but was highest in non-Hispanic American Indians/Alaskan Natives at 31.5%.

It was found that people above the age of 65 made up 7.9%, the lowest of any age demographic, while between the ages of 25 and 44 made up the highest percentage with 22.1%. The report also showed that those people living under the federal poverty line made up 29%, while those above made up 17.9%.

A new statistic in this years report measured the number of smokers among the disabled community. The results found that 25.4% were made up of people who said they had a disability, while 17.3% were those who said they did not.

The report showed progress, but the Healthy People 2020 target is 12% of adult smokers. This would mean a 7% drop in just eight years, but with new smoke-free laws, the higher retail value of tobacco, the ability to get better quitting treatments, along with strong media campaigns, the target is not out of reach.

The report gave credit to the 2009 Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act as well as the Food and Drug Administration for their new policy of regulation in the tobacco industry. The report said that with all of the new laws coming in every day about smoking, it could potentially accelerate the decline in adult smokers over the next decade.

In the report, the CDCP said that a reason we may have seen a recent slowing of percentage decrease is due to state funding for programs. According to the numbers, just two states last year funded control programs at an adequate level, while over half funded with less the one-fourth of adequate levels. If this can be rectified, the CDCP expects to see a large percentage decrease in adult smokers, but it needs to come from the state level. The federal government can only do so much. When the money is given to the states, it is their responsibility to see to it that the money goes to the right places.

The CDCP report should open eyes and give people pause for thought. If the country can decrease its percentage of adult smokers, it can lower spending on medical care and save millions for better use. With so many people getting sick from tobacco related diseases, it consistently takes away from the medical systems budget and energy, which ultimately can be avoided.

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