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Foresight to Back up Data a Real Business Saver reports Xpress Duplication Centre


(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 23, 2012 ) England, U.K -- Some Northeast business owners who suffered damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy were able to get their businesses up and running within a matter of hours after the storm passed, thanks in part to having the foresight to backup their critical information and data on computer systems with offsite backup services.

Business owners may have suffered physical losses, such as computers, furniture, even entire building structures, but with the flip of a power switch were able to get back to business and have access to the information that keeps their businesses running, whether customer data, financial records, or inventory totals.

Advanced Nutraceuticals LLC, a company that manufactures and distributes raw materials for nutritional supplements, found out the value of backing up their data in this manner.

Advanced Nutraceuticals executives Bob Alfano and Kamila Molinelli discovered that, two days after the storm had passed, the brick building that housed their Bergen, N.J.-based business had been destroyed. The building had six feet of standing water, ruined much of the physical property of the company, including computers, paper files, and many other things vital to their business.

However, the following day, the contacted Regus, a company that offers temporary office space with all of the amenities, including electricity, Wi-Fi access, furniture, even a receptionist.

Once they acquired some computers to bring to their temporary East Rutherford, N.J. location, all Alfano and Molinelli had to do was plus the computers in, access the Internet, and they were able to download all of their data that they had stored with three separate services Carbonite, Intuit, and Norton and they were able to resume their business operation that afternoon.

All of this cost the company approximately $2,000 per year.

"That's a small price to pay," said Alfano.

Alfano, who noted that Advanced Nutraceuticals, which is a small- to medium-sized company, earns slightly less than $10 million in sales annually. Their effort paid off because two other backups, in the form of onsite servers, that the company hag were lost to floodwaters.

Hackensack, N.J.-based information technology company Synetek Solutions managing partner Jhovanny Rodriguez said offsite backups in data centers are important because businesses often cannot recoup their losses once they lose their data.

Rodriguez added that companies hoping to remain operational when disaster strikes should seriously consider remote hosting their data, both to keep it safe and to allow them to remain functional, even if they have no power. Waiting to make that decision at the last minute, however, can be troublesome.

In the middle of a disaster, Rodriguez said, trying to move the data it becomes a little difficult.

Data centers can be affected by storms like Sandy as well. For example, one key data center in the lower Manhattan section of New York City was flooded, knocking out major websites and causing issues with international phone calls.

Most data centers have enormous generators that can be called upon to supply power should service be lost due to storm damage, allowing them to operate during natural disasters and supply customers data to them uninterrupted.

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