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Poll finds 59% of Americans in Favor of Legalization of Cannabis, Headshop Owners Hope for debate


(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 05, 2012 ) Rohnert Park, CA A recent poll conducted by Huffington Post and YouGov has astonished many, with most people being in the favor of legalization of marijuana. 59% of the people who participated said they prefer legalization of cannabis. Studies have shown that over the past few years there has been an upward trend in support of the legalization; however this poll result is the new peak.

Marijuana legalization has always had mixed views and now states are letting the public decide on the issue. Colorado, Washington and Oregon are all set to start the voting on legalization of possession, use and distribution of marijuana by responsible adults. Montana and Massachusetts will vote for its medical use. Despite the use and possession of marijuana being illegal under federal law, some states have made exemptions for its medical use and decriminalized non-medical cannabis use. Cannabis has been labeled as Schedule I drug in the Control Substance Act passed in 1970, a label that will change for the 3 states if the votes are in favor of legalization.

A common perspective on the issue is that government policies have failed the elimination of marijuana use. Millions of dollars being invested in the regulations is considered a waste by pro marijuana legalization members. Joe Johnson from smokewire quoted, Most Americans want marijuana to be legalized, studies have shown that taking the drug out of the illegal circuit reduces the amount of drug addicts, and legalizing means millions of extra dollars paid in taxes every month. We hope along with democratic vote, more research is done into these aspects. More data will take out the emotional components out of the decision and will result in more fruitful debates.

Kevin Sabet former senior policy advisor who has worked under the presidency of Bill Clinton, George W Bush and current president Barack Obama (until 2011) has a different take on the legalization. According to Mr. Sabet, marijuana legalization comes with unknown risks. He quoted, Legalization would greatly reduce the price of marijuana, thereby significantly increasing use, especially among kids. This is a problem because the brain is developing until age 25, and recently completed research shows that pot can significantly decrease IQ, double the risk of a car crash and significantly increase the chance of contracting a mental illness. Today's marijuana is not the same stuff parents think back today with nostalgia aboutin fact it is about 4-5 times stronger in potency.

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