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Biscayne Labs - Cholesterol Drug Side Effects Leaving More Patients Looking at Alternatives


(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 04, 2012 ) Stanford, California - As much as the medical and pharmaceutical industries would like to have the general public believe that they have a complete understanding of cholesterol and how to lower this in the human body, it turns out that they really don't.

Yes, there's no arguing with the fact that they do have a good general understanding of it, but recent developments, such as the discovery that the liver converts excess sugar into cholesterol, only serve to point out that there's still much more to be learned.

So it only stands to reason that if there is more to be learned about how cholesterol is produced in the body, there's also more to be learned about how to treat it. One area in particular that remains the subject of ongoing research is cholesterol drug side effects.

Reading about the side effects is one thing, but for those who have to deal with them on a daily basis, it's a whole other story. For some it's worse than others, but the grim reality is that virtually all conventional drug treatments for high cholesterol carry with them a long list of nasty side effects that run the gamut from annoying to life threatening.

So it's the Internet and the reams of free information that is readily available on it that has worked in recent years to shine a brighter spotlight on alternative therapies for high cholesterol. New treatments that don't involve expensive drugs and the associated side effects are starting to generate a huge buzz in the medical community.

Proponents of some of these alternatives that are starting to show promise are quick to point out that all conventional drug therapies, at one point started out as experimental. They were substances that appeared to have an effect that in turn went through years of testing and approval processes.

One alternative treatment, in particular, that has been getting a lot of attention in recent years is chelation therapy, which has been in common use for decades for the treatment of heavy metal poisoning. With chelation therapy, heavy metals deposited inside the body are converted to a water-soluble form, so they can then be eliminated by way of the body's natural cleansing processes.

Cholesterol, like heavy metals, is also non-water-soluble once it's deposited on the walls of veins and arteries, and proponents of chelation therapy to remove cholesterol buildup are claiming that it's responding in the same way. They're saying products like Keladine Creme can actually dissolve cholesterol without all the side effects of standard drug therapies. is one of the worlds leading proponents of chelation therapy to treat high cholesterol, arterial plaque, and heavy metal related symptoms with products like their popular Keladine Creme.

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