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The Benefits of Personalizing Your Personal, Business or Fan Page Facebook Timeline Profile


(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 04, 2012 ) Let's face it: The Internet is no longer a luxury. It is a modern necessity that connects you to your friends, business associates, and prospective personal and professional contacts. While you might have a fully-fleshed-out personal or business website, in truth your Facebook profile will probably literally receive hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands more unique visits than your online storefront. That being said, you cannot afford to let your Facebook profile default to the same-old, same-old, boring blue and white timeline. It is more important than ever to personalize your Facebook timeline profile to stand out from the crowd, and open the door to the abundance of opportunity that exists inside of wall posts, timeline tickers, and share and like clicks.

Business Facebook Profile Branding

It is obvious that your business page needs a little extra oomph to separate your unique offerings from competitors. Just a few short years ago, most businesses knew a lot about their competitors because people generally shopped locally for goods and services. However, now that over 6 billion people worldwide are online, your competition is far and wide. Personalizing your business Facebook profile timeline allows you to visually portray your unique selling proposition in such a way that makes people remember you when they are ready to purchase what you have to offer.

Personal Facebook Profile Branding

Personal Facebook profile branding is not such an easily recognizable benefit to most people. If you use Facebook solely for interacting with your family, friends, and handful of businesses you follow, you might not think that you need to take the time to personalize your page. You are very, very wrong. Here's why: You never, ever know when you might get fired, laid off, or fed up with your current position at work and quit. With a white and blue timeline, you are not going to get too many opportunities to attract the eye of potential employers. However, with a tasteful, carefully chosen personalized Facebook profile, you can keep your feelers out for the next big thing to happen in your life at any time. People hire people that they like. Therefore, if they get to know and like you online, you are already virtually in the door of your next, awesome job.

Fan Page Facebook Profile Branding

If you're using your fan page to lure visitors to your site, you must razzle and dazzle the socks off of them to successfully redirect them. Remember, Facebook users are uber-busy with work and social lives. They are going to give you, maybe, a full two seconds of attention before they click through to your site to see what you've got, or not. Therefore, you need to personalize your fan page Facebook profile with up-to-date, visually stunning images to lure them into clicking on your link immediately upon first glance. If you use your personalized Facebook profile timeline covers correctly, your fan page will get more likes, timeline ticker time, and shares each time you update your status.

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