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Census Bureau finds People Who Can Take Their Work Home Tend to Earn More reports Assembly Jobs


(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 01, 2012 ) San Francisco, CA- Employees who do some of their work at home are likelier to earn more than those who labor only at the office or at home.

The Census Bureau found that people who worked at a job site but also at home at least a day every week had median annual earnings of $52,800. Those who worked only at their job site earned a median of $30,000, and at-home-only workers made $25,500.

Employees who mix their work between the office and home typically are wealthier, according to the census data, and have median household income of $96,300.

More employees are doing at least part of their work at home, TODAY reported. In 2010, 9.5% of employees worked some of the time at home. Thats 13.4 million people. In 1999, those figures were 7.8% and 9.5 million.

About half of those who work only at home are self-employed. But experts say some employers find that workers will take lower pay for the option to perform their job duties from home.

Theyre placing more emphasis on certain aspects of work-life balance, Lisa Calicchio told TODAY. Calicchio is vice president of recruitment and talent services at drug development company Covance in Princeton, N.J.

She said her company is more willing to allow employees to telecommute if their job does not require their presence at the workplace. And in the Northeast, working from home can cut down on the hassles of commuting and save companies the resources needed to keep up office space.

Calicchio dismissed concerns that workers off-site might be less productive in fact, she insisted they perform better.

Its kind of the honor system. It keeps them honest. It keeps them thankful, she said.
Employees who work at home tend to put in more effort, according to a Michigan State University professor. Ellen Ernst Kossek told TODAY that they work harder to try to prove themselves to their bosses.
Kossek said businesses must extend support and technical help to those working outside the office, but they also must remember to bring all their workers together on occasion. The optimum, Kossek said, is for workers to have a blend of tasks they can perform at the office or at home.

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