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(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 01, 2012 ) United Kingdom -- The United States is not the only country that has become coupon-happy, as the United Kingdom has become a nation of coupon clippers.

YouGov Survey did a survey that found that English citizens are using coupons more than ever before.

According to the survey, most shoppers across Great Britain and Northern Ireland use coupons at supermarkets. The most affluent of areas are the most likely to utilize coupons at the checkout.

Consumers who are employed have become increasingly interested in using coupons, to the tune of 33% of those surveyed. Customers who are unemployed utilized the money-saving coupons at 23%, which is the opposite of what some may have expected.
A mere 7% of consumers stated that they never use coupons.

Almost half (46%) stated that coupon use is now seen as the norm. Another 43% of consumers said they believed people use coupons are useful regardless of financial standing of the individual.

The trend is certainly growing in the country, especially given the current economic strain and future economic concerns.

During the recent recession, which does persist even now, consumer behavior has shifted to being one that is more keen to find products that simply have the best prices.

A majority of consumers now price-compare online before venturing into shops. Customers also use the showroom tactic. The tactic involves going into the walk-in store and finding items they like, and then use smart phones or other electronic devices to find better prices.

The trend and statistics indicates that consumers are simply promiscuous when it comes to shopping. There is a drop in brand loyalty when individuals believe that their personal finances may be in peril at any moment. Because of that fact, consumers are looking to find consumers wherever they are, even at home. Mailing coupons and having online coupons have given companies a better range in regards to peaking the interest of potential customers.

One statistic may strike some as interesting, as 4% of those surveyed stated they still find using coupons a bit embarrassing.

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