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Eceptionist® Announces Its Support for the Mayur A. Patel Foundation


Eceptionist announced today that they have chosen to support the Mayur A. Patel Foundation, based at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, as their corporate charity. The Foundation was established by the late Patel's colleagues at the University to continue his work on developing quality healthcare systems in emerging economies and underserved areas worldwide. Eceptionist and the Mayur A. Patel Foundation have a shared commitment to improved global healthcare access and processes for the benefit of both patients and providers, and Eceptionist is proud to take the first step of many towards the accomplishment of these goals.

“Eceptionist is gratified to support a cause so worthy as the Mayur A. Patel Foundation, because we understand that a solid foundation is necessary for effective healthcare delivery,” said Deborah Jones of Eceptionist. “For over eight years our software platform has served as the base upon which our customers can optimize delivery across departments, sites, communities, and countries. The Foundation provides the building blocks for the communities it serves, by creating a sustainable and scalable healthcare platform at a macro level.”

Eceptionist has a long history of pioneering advancements in healthcare and creating innovative means by which they can improve access for patients. This is an ideal shared with the Mayur A. Patel Foundation, whose purpose is to fund scholarships for talented students of healthcare management.

Representatives of the Foundation proclaimed their gratitude towards the support of Eceptionist. “This Foundation is a means by which we hope to memorialize our dearly departed Rush alum and faculty member, Mayur. In his short life Mayur made innumerable contributions to international healthcare; through his dedication to working with under-developed areas and emerging economies, he was able to enact his belief that all people everywhere should have access to quality healthcare. We are most grateful to Eceptionist for their support and we look forward to working together with Eceptionist for many years to come, as we strive to make Mayur's dream a reality.”

Deborah Jones, 713.520.6688

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