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WriteGodAThankYou Allows Users to Share Thanks to God on a Variety of Topics


WriteGodAThankYou, LLC today announced the release of WriteGodAThankYou, a unique social media platform that allows users to express thanks for the positive things in their lives and share it with their friends.

WriteGodAThankYou brings individuals together by the common thread of gratitude from which to build and draw strength. Individuals can write thank-you messages to God and share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+, and they may create private gratitude lists and prayer journals.

The way it works is simple.

  • Visit website.
  • Sign In.
  • Select one of the following categories: Family, Kids, Newborn, Pets, Work, Friendship, Nature, Sports, Finances, God, Health, Husband & Wife, School, Love, and Random acts of kindness.
  • Compose your message of thanks to God and share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, or Google+.

According to a research study by UC Davis psychologist Robert Emmons and University of Miami psychologist Michael McCullough, people who keep a gratitude journal exercised more, experienced fewer ailments, felt better about their lives, were more optimistic, and made better progress toward personal goals than those who recorded hassles or neutral life events. WriteGodAThankYou takes this practice into the digital age by allowing users to give thanks to God while harnessing social media's powerful two-way communications capabilities to engage and inspire others to do the same.

“Giving thanks is healthy both spiritually and physically. Instead of obsessing about the things we don't like and blaming each other when things don't go our way, we should focus on our blessings and the things that bring us joy,” said WriteGodAThankYou Founder Darin Garcia. “What better way to accomplish that than to write God a letter and share it with your friends for support and inspiration.”

About Write God A Thank You, LLC

Write God a Thank You, LLC, is a company focused on spreading the importance of thanking God on a daily basis and bringing people together through the celebration of thanks.

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