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Companies Take a Hard Look at the DNA Required to Build a Customer-Centric Business


It's what's on the inside that counts. That sage advice doesn't just apply to inter-personal relationships, it is something that must be adopted by companies that want an environment where the customer is naturally considered a priority throughout the business. It's more than just culture, and it's more than a directive – it's customer-centric DNA. Either you have it, or you don't.

Creating a customer-centric company starts at the top with executive leadership and becomes part of a company's DNA. It takes a corporate commitment at all levels of the company to be truly customer centric.

“A business might spend countless resources on marketing and branding to convey a certain image, but it's what goes on behind the curtain, when no one's looking, that will really impact relationships and a brand's true reputation,” said Elizabeth Glagowski, executive editor, Strategy, Peppers & Rogers Group. “We believe so strongly in the concept of ‘customer-centric DNA' that we focused an entire issue of our journal on the topic.”

Peppers & Rogers Group has published its latest thinking on the subject in its quarterly executive journal, Customer Strategist. A proponent of customer centricity as a corporate priority, Peppers & Rogers Group has dedicated the Fall 2012 issue to this topic including trends, best practices and case studies.

“The customer centricity journey is not an easy one because new, external expectations are forcing companies to rethink how they do business,” said Susan Piotrioski, managing partner of Peppers & Rogers Group. “Companies need to look at how their businesses are organized, what processes are in place and how to use data to learn and act. It's what's on the inside of a company and the corporate culture from the most senior person on down that can really make an impact.”

Highlights from the issue include:

Connecting Strands of DNA for Customer Growth: Companies may want to enact customer-focused change, but success requires a holistic approach that connects all three components of customer-centric DNA.

A CFO's Point of View on Customer Experience: For customer centricity to take effect, companies must tie financial performance to how well they're delivering on the customer experience.

Writing the Unwritten Rules of Customer-Centric DNA: True customer DNA is made up of three critical internal building blocks upon which all customer-based strategy and activity is built.

Nissan Drives Customers Away From Price Focus: The automaker's focus on exceptional customer experience helps to differentiate the company in a heavily price-focused industry.

Other articles include a look at the missing ingredients of leveraging Big Data into actionable insights, how healthcare companies are becoming more customer centric, and how the terms “customer centricity” and “customer experience” are more antonyms than synonyms.

Customer Strategist is published by Peppers & Rogers Group, the management consulting division of TeleTech Holdings, Inc., and is available online or can be downloaded for the iPad or Kindle.

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