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Rosslyn Analytics Launches New Return-Before-Investment Model for Companies Adopting Cloud Analytics


Rosslyn Analytics today unveiled a market-first Return-Before-Investment model to help companies compare the costs and economic gains of cloud analytics vs. on-premise business intelligence solutions.

Rosslyn Analytics, the leading provider of self-service analytics in the cloud, has published a paper, “Why On-Premise BI Software and Traditional ROI Models are Costing Your Company Millions,accompanied by a new online Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tool.

The Problem with Traditional BI Software ROI Models

Outdated ROI models only measure the cost and return from on-premise investments over a long period of time. For many, having to wait more than a year for an initial return is difficult to justify to senior management.

“Companies face unprecedented macro-market forces which are driving executives to seek more effective business intelligence and analytics tools to achieve their corporate objectives,” said Jeffrey Kaplan, Managing Director of THINKstrategies. “Rosslyn Analytics has made a compelling case for Return-Before-Investment, a new metric that puts value creation – not just costs – at the center of business intelligence or analytic purchase.”

Unlike on-premise ROI models, RBI makes it possible to realize significant value within days of subscribing to a cloud delivered service such as analytics before any payment has been made because there are no upfront IT costs and set-up delays.

As an alternative to a $100,000+ BI tool deployed over many months, the cloud option delivered as-a-service costs just $99 a seat and is deployed in less than a day – accelerating innovation.

A New Business Metric to Valuing Cloud Analytics

Return-Before-Investment captures the new economics of cloud computing. RBI helps companies justify and measure their adoption of cloud-delivered applications such as analytics by:

  • Creating top-line growth through faster time-to-market for applications
  • Accelerating bottom-line cost savings through better utilization of resources
  • Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership of technology
  • Enabling organizations to focus on core business processes
  • Shifting large capital expenditure to operating expenditure

“On-premise business intelligence software and traditional Return-on-Investment models are unnecessarily costing companies millions,” said Charles Clark, CEO of Rosslyn Analytics. “Rosslyn Analytics has developed the Return-Before-Investment metric to demonstrate the accelerated gains clients can achieve from cloud analytics.”

How to Achieve a Return-Before-Investment

Download “Why On-Premise BI Software and Traditional ROI Models are Costing Your Company Millions,” and learn how to achieve an RBI in three simple steps with cloud analytics. To get it now, as well as to take the on-demand vs. on-premise Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) test, visit

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