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Precision BioSciences Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Cellectis Related to Gene Editing Technology


Precision BioSciences, Inc., a leader in the field of genome engineering, today announced that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Cellectis SA (ALCLS) and a number of its affiliates in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina. The lawsuit seeks a ruling that Cellectis' manufacture, use, sale, and importation of certain engineered meganucleases infringe U.S. Patent No. 8,304,222 (the “‘222 patent”), which relates to Precision BioSciences' Directed Nuclease EditorTM genome editing technology. The lawsuit requests monetary damages as well as a permanent injunction preventing Cellectis from making, using, selling, offering for sale, or importing infringing engineered meganucleases in the United States. Precision BioSciences previously announced that it had filed suit against Cellectis for alleged infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. 8,021,867, 8,119,381, 8,119,361, 8,124,369, 8,129,134, 8,133,697, 8,143,015, 8,143,016, 8,148,098, and 8,163,514.

Among the engineered meganucleases that Precision believes infringe the ‘222 patent and numerous other Precision-controlled patents is one that is referred to as CLS4617 in a paper by Certo et al. published in Nature Methods (September 2012). The authors of this paper, which include a number of Cellectis employees, report that the CLS4617 meganuclease is being used in the United States to target and cleave a DNA sequence in the human CCR5 gene.

“Cellectis' continued disregard for Precision's foundational gene editing patent estate will not be tolerated,” said Matthew Kane, CEO of Precision BioSciences. “Precision expects all competitors, domestic and foreign, to obey United States law and to refrain from illegal use of our proprietary technology.”

About Precision BioSciences

Precision BioSciences' mission is to continually provide, improve, and enable the world's most powerful genome engineering technology. Precision's proprietary Directed Nuclease EditorTM (DNE) technology enables the production of genome editing enzymes that can insert, remove, modify, and regulate essentially any gene in mammalian or plant cells.

Precision BioSciences' vision is to be the conduit through which the world's greatest genome engineering challenges are solved. Precision has successfully utilized its DNE technology to create innovative products in partnerships with many of the world's largest biopharmaceutical, agbiotech, and animal research firms. Internally, Precision is developing applications of DNE in biological production and human therapeutics. For additional information, please visit

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