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5th Annual Ivy League & Friends Choctaw Student Recruitment Event to Be Held This Saturday


On November 10th, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma's Scholarship Advisement Program (SAP) will be hosting an all-day college recruitment event at the Choctaw Resort in Durant, OK, featuring over 30 of the nation's most selective undergraduate and graduate programs.

A Choctaw student and her parents visit with a representative from College Horizons at the 2011 Ivy  ...

A Choctaw student and her parents visit with a representative from College Horizons at the 2011 Ivy League & Friends Event. (Photo: Business Wire)

Throughout the day, college-bound Choctaw high school students and graduate-school-bound students both have the opportunity to network with representatives from Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, UC-Berkeley, Rhode Island School of Design, Purdue, Johns Hopkins, Duke, and many more. Also in attendance will be education organizations such as the American Indian Graduate Center, College Horizons, Princeton Review Foundation, and the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management.

This year marks the fifth year for SAP to host this flagship program, with each year capitalizing on the previous year's success. Why has this event been so successful? The simple answer: One-on-one interaction with college representatives from all over the nation in one location. The information they provide is tailored specifically for members of the Choctaw community, a truly rare opportunity for any degree-seeking student and their parents. The attending organizations are just as excited to be there as the students and parents. One college representative said, “This is one of the most well-run and engaging events for Native American students. The staff is fantastic, the community support is extensive.”

Ivy League & Friends is unique in that it offers an inside look into these colleges, with a Native American lens. By talking with a college representative as well as attending the representatives' informational sessions, students can learn whether certain selective colleges are interesting to them, if they offer majors and programs that are particularly intriguing, and find out whether they have the resume and test scores and academic history that it takes to get in. Even if they do not, they can learn about resources available to help them, whether they are from SAP or the colleges themselves. This level of specialized interaction is nearly absent on campus tours.

Attendees also benefit from the message these institutions are giving. Institutions realize that Choctaw students are very desirable, so they are putting forth an effort to help promising students reach their full potential. Not only does Ivy League & Friends give them an outlet to see how Choctaw students utilize the resources provided to them by the Choctaw Nation, it also helps them capture the spirit of excellence that is so engrained within the tribe.

The Scholarship Advisement Program continues to receive testimonies of students leaving inspired to work harder, dream bigger, and achieve even greater things. A student at the event last year later said, “This completely turned me on to academics. I had always planned to attend college on an athletic scholarship, but this opened me up to completely new things.” Ivy League institutions are often viewed as unreachable and nearly impossible to afford or attend, but this is simply not true. Colleges are doing all they can to reach out to communities like the Choctaw Nation that are full of impressive students. Students continue to realize that their biggest goals are achievable through SAP programs like Ivy League & Friends.

The Ivy League & Friends event is an annual college recruitment fair, hosted every fall in November. If you or a Choctaw student you know can't attend this year, mark your calendars for next year!

For more information on the event, which schools are attending, and how to register, or to get answers to any questions you might have about the event or the Scholarship Advisement Program, please visit

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