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President Obama Wins VOTES Project Nationwide Mock Presidential Election, As More than 50,000 Students Cast Ballots


Some 54,000 high school students have spoken, and by a 10 percent margin, President Obama is their choice to lead the nation for the next four years.

Students from more than 130 schools across the United States — at least two from each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia — participated in this year's VOTES Project (Voting Opportunities for Teenagers in Every State), one of the nation's largest mock elections, established in 1988 by teachers at Northfield Mount Hermon School. High school students across the country campaigned on behalf of President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, as well as third-party candidates, holding rallies, debates and other campaign events leading up to Sunday evening's announcement of the winner.

President Obama received 316 electoral votes and Republican challenger Mitt Romney received 208. The President garnered 50.2 percent of the popular vote (27,107), and Romney 41.2 percent (22,252). Owing to Hurricane Sandy, five schools in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania were unable to hold mock elections, meaning 14 electoral votes were not distributed.

For the first time, this year NMH paired with StudySync ( -- the web-based Common Core curriculum from BookheadEd Learning, LLC -- to send out "Blast poll" questions to gauge the political interests and leanings of high school students. “Blasts” are short reading and writing assignments based on timely, high-interest topics of cultural significance. Students respond in short answer format, engaging in a thoughtful discussion with students within the wider StudySync community.

“StudySync was honored to be an integral part of such an important initiative as NHM's VOTES Project, demonstrating the power of technology to bring students – and ideas – together around such critical current events such as the national election,” said Robert Romano, CEO, BookheadEd Learning.

The largest nationwide mock election of high school students has correctly predicted the president in five of the last six elections. Northfield Mount Hermon started the VOTES Project in 1988 and it has correctly picked the winner in every presidential election except one: 2004, when incumbent President George W. Bush beat Sen. John Kerry. Organizers believe the results have been so accurate because high school students tend to reflect their parents' political leanings.

The VOTES Project stokes the fires of political activism, organizers say, and the evidence is in the 80 percent voter turnout among students at participating schools -- nearly twice the average turnout in national elections.

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