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Ornithine Laboratory: Longevity Superpower - Japan's 70 Year-Olds Battling in 100m Race Captured in a Video Release


On Wednesday October 24, 2012, the Ornithine Laboratory has made a new video available to the public on its website for the 'Japan Otsukare University, Faculty of Ornithine' (literally University of Fatigue, Faculty of Ornithine - The site was established for the fictional university, with a goal of 'eliminating fatigue in the world'.
This video depicts a showdown between Kageki Shimoda and Pe Hayashiya in a powerful, colorful 100-meter dash like never before seen. Shimoda is a holder of one of the most prestigious literary awards in Japan – the Naoki Prize. Hayashiya is a comic-chat artist, one of Japan's historic traditional arts.

Left: Kageki Shimoda; Right: Pe Hayashiya (Photo: Business Wire)

Left: Kageki Shimoda; Right: Pe Hayashiya (Photo: Business Wire)

At the site (available in Japanese only) Shimoda plays the 'tireless' character; a school principal who combines radical fashion sense belying his age of 72 years, and intelligence. His challenger is 70 year-old Pe Hayashiya, a comedian known for his trademark pink outfits.

In this clip, you can watch the couple running the 100-meter race and navigating over jump-ropes. Take a moment and enjoy the video.

About the Ornithine Laboratory

The Ornithine Laboratory was established on October 28, 2009 as a non-profit scientific organization whose purpose is to educate and build global attention to 'ornithine'. Ornithine is a type of free-amino-acid found in freshwater clams.

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