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Campaign 2012: Washington State-Based Medical Marijuana Expert Interview Opportunity



Brendan Kennedy, CEO, Leafly (Photo: Business Wire)

Brendan Kennedy, CEO, Leafly (Photo: Business Wire)

Yale MBA/CEO of

“Like Yelp for Medical Cannabis Patients”

Brendan Kennedy, CEO, Leafly – Start-up boasts 1.5 million visitors per month in $1.7 billion industry


  • Effect of I-502 (WA) and Amendment 64 (CO) passage on medical cannabis industry
  • Needs of medical cannabis patients
  • State of national cannabis legalization
  • Business opportunities in medical cannabis industry

Former Silicon Valley banker/now Leafly CEO offers business perspective on medical cannabis industry; needs of medical marijuana patients seeking information about treatment options; how state legalization initiatives affect medical marijuana industry; legal status of industry and its effect on patients; need for professionalization of industry. Kennedy has visited hundreds of dispensaries.

  • Seventeen states and the District of Columbia have approved the use of medical cannabis.
  • Massachusetts and Arkansas have medical cannabis on the ballot.
  • Washington, Colorado and Oregon have full legalization, taxation and regulation measures on the ballot.

Kennedy's media interview experience includes Daily Beast, Geekwire, TechCrunch, KUOW-FM (NPR affiliate), KNTV (NBC affiliate), DVICE, East Bay Express

About Leafly:

Leafly serves patients -- a trusted resource where patients can learn about strains and research dispensaries. Leafly has advertising clients in eight states.

Leafly offers assistance to patients by providing information on:

  • Which cannabis varieties best address patients' medical conditions
  • Locations and descriptions of local dispensaries and their offerings
  • 50,000 patient-generated reviews of more than 500 cannabis strains
  • 10,000 patient reviews of 2,600 dispensaries

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