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The Liberty Web Global Announces a Message to America Before the Election: "Romney or Obama?"


The Liberty Web Global, an English online website of The Liberty, a renowned Japanese opinion magazine (Published by IRH Press Co., Ltd), announces a message to America right before the election: "Romney or Obama?" – America, Fulfill Your Mission From God!–.

"The Liberty Web Global"( - brings truthful insights to today's society by providing enlightening articles. It also gives opinions in many categories such as world politics, economics, social and cultural issues, religions, and spiritual knowledge, based on the teachings of Ryuho Okawa, World Teacher and Founder of Happy Science.

World Teacher Ryuho Okawa teaches the universal Truth through current events, giving a unique perspective for its readers to attain true liberty, peace and happiness. Recently, he gave a lecture titled "The American Mind" on October 25, 2012.
In this speech, he emphasized the importance of restoring the values of justice and liberty, which America has cherished for a long time, forgiving past mistakes, and looking for a new frontier. Today, the balance of world power is changing in Asia as China emerges as the hegemonic state. Yet, Ryuho Okawa still believes in America's ability to honor its promise and to create a better world through the universal values of justice and liberty for all mankind.
Taking all of today's current affairs and the above elements into account, Master Ryuho Okawa stated that Americans should elect the Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney into office.

Below is an extract from the lecture "The American Mind":

"To be American is to believe in God and justice, and to act in the name of justice in order to make a better world. It is your mission as Americans. Other countries will follow you. I daresay it is your mission from God."

For more contents of this lecture, access the article Romney or Obama?

About IRH Press Co., Ltd

IRH Press Co., Ltd, was founded in 1987 as a publishing division of Happy Science. It has been publishing Master Ryuho Okawa's books as well as periodical magazines, ranking in as best sellers in many occasions. These books have become well established as the most influential guides for society in the publishing world. They have been translated to over 20 languages and are now being distributed all over the world.
Latest books available: "The Nine Dimensions: Unveiling the Laws of Eternity" "China's Hidden Agenda: The Mastermind Behind the Anti-American and Anti-Japanese Protest"

About World Teacher Ryuho Okawa and Happy Science

World Teacher and Founder of Happy Science, Ryuho Okawa has devoted his life to the exploration of the Truth and finding ways to bring happiness to people around the world. He has given nearly 1800 lectures and has published over 1000 books with themes including happiness, philosophy, business, science, religion, and world affairs. In 2009 and 2010, he established the Happiness Realization Party and the Happy Science Academy and laid down the foundation for ideal politics and education. He is also known as the National Teacher of Japan, giving guidance and warnings through his lectures to Japanese leading figures from prime minister, government officials to economic leaders in these 20 years, and has been a guiding post for the direction of the country. Happy Science is growing with 12 million members in more than 90 countries. The basic teachings of Happy Science are the 'Exploration of the Right Mind' and the 'Principle of Happiness'. The Four Principals of Happiness include Love, Wisdom, Self-Reflection and Progress. The teachings are bringing the world together through love and enlightenment to all backgrounds and faiths- studying together in joy, harmony and deep-found respect.

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