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ShadowMe iOS App Lets You Shadow Twitter Users, Benefit from Cultivated Follow Lists


Tendy Apps, LLC today announced the launch of free iOS app ShadowMe for Twitter. ShadowMe is a discovery tool that lets users “shadow” a Twitter user to see exactly what that person sees in their personal Twitter feed, taking advantage of the Twitter follow lists already cultivated – whether he/she is a friend, family member, colleague, celebrity, athlete, newsmaker, politician, activist or influencer. With ShadowMe, you are one click away from seeing a user's Tweets and the Tweets from everyone they follow all in one consolidated feed. ShadowMe introduces you to an entire Twitterverse, connecting and discovering faster than ever before.

ShadowMe provides an unparalleled second-screen experience. By enhancing television viewing and live events, the app offers a new dimension in social networking. Simply shadow the star, athlete, host or celebrity to experience the event through that person's unique perspective. For example, ShadowMe users get an inside look at savvy Twitter users' social media experience when they shadow popular political analysts on Election Day, or professional athletes and sports reporters/commentators during sporting events.

ShadowMe creates a more meaningful Twitter experience. The app is especially useful for the approximate 56 million nascent or inactive Twitter users who have not yet developed vibrant follow lists and want to easily discover interesting Twitter handles or circumvent the time-intensive work of researching and following each individual on their shadow target's list.

According to a 2011 report by Cornell University and Yahoo! Research, less than one percent of Twitter users produce half its content. ShadowMe gives any user the ability to experience Twitter the way a power user does, introducing those tips and tricks, features and benefits of Twitter that power users have tapped but may not be apparent to a newbie. An estimated 40 percent of all Twitter accounts are deemed “listening accounts” – users who do not regularly tweet – and 25 percent of Twitter users have never tweeted. Many of these users, however, still actively use Twitter to get news, information and opinions.

“On Twitter, there are a certain number of dedicated users who put in the time and effort to find interesting people to follow but as Twitter continues to grow, there are more quiet users than ever,” said Keith Savitz, co-founder of Tendy Apps. “While ShadowMe is especially useful for people who need an introduction or education on Twitter, the app also enhances the Twitter experience for even the most active users by enabling them to shadow avid Twitter users, depending on interests or events. Twitter newbies get quality content, not overwhelming quantity and all users get the engaging, informative, entertaining social TV/second screen experience.”

ShadowMe investors include Jesse Itzler, principal of 100 Mile Group, co-founder of Marquis Jet and an investor in Zico Coconut Water.

ShadowMe can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store at

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