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Lil' Drug Store Products Acquires Pre~Seed Personal Lubricant Brand


Lil' Drug Store Products, Inc. (LDSP), a global consumer product leader in developing and marketing over-the-counter solutions for women's everyday health, aging and personal relationship concerns, is pleased to announce the purchase of the Pre-Seed brand of feminine lubricant from BioOrigyn.

Pre-Seed is a “fertility-friendly” lubricant with a patented formula designed to provide safe lubrication that does not harm sperm. Pre-Seed is safe for use by couples trying to conceive, a safety that is supported by independent, published clinical studies.

Sperm Physiologist Dr. Joanna Ellington invented Pre-Seed's isotonic formula specifically to meet women's needs for safe lubrication when trying to get pregnant. Lil' Drug Store Products aims to enhance the market for the innovative Pre-Seed brand by adding it to a product lineup that has firmly established the company as one of the leading advocates for creating and marketing new solutions to women's health needs. Those products include estrogen-free Replens® Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer, RepHresh® Vaginal Gel, RepHresh® Pro-B and Wellgate™ orthopedic supports.

“When we realized that the women's health care and wellness market was underserved, we led the way in researching, developing and marketing highly effective, clinically studied products aimed at solving real problems and improving the quality of life for women worldwide,” said Chris DeWolf, President & CEO of Lil' Drug Store Products. “Pre-Seed greatly complements and strengthens this commitment and as a product shown safe and effective in published studies from leading clinics around the world, we are pleased to welcome Pre-Seed to our product family and look forward to building on the success of the brand.”

“I am confident in the ability of Lil' Drug Store Products to further grow the already successful Pre-Seed brand, which is sold online and through major national pharmacies and recommended by and used in leading fertility and women's clinics,” said Dr. Joanna Ellington, founder of BioOrigyn. “Lil' Drug Store Products' expertise in the rapidly growing women's health care market, combined with its global distribution network, makes this a great combination.”

“Reaching consumers through traditional and internet retailers, Lil' Drug Store Products has created a family of products that make a significant difference in women's lives every day,” DeWolf concluded. “Pre-Seed strengthens our ability to further expand this capability, and we look forward to new opportunities that will make more women aware of its advantages for them.”

Headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Lil' Drug Store Products offers a variety of premium brands through its 3 divisions: Convenience Retailing, Consumer Products, and International. Lil' Drug Store Products, Inc. is responsible for the production, sales and distribution of innovative consumer healthcare products worldwide including: Replens® Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer, RepHresh® Vaginal Gel, RepHresh® Pro-B and Wellgate™ among others.

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