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China's Lotus FUE+SHT Hair Transplant Technology Impresses the World


At the 20th ISHRS in Bahamas, Lotus' patented hair transplant technology FUE + SHT, the only Chinese technology on show, gained an astonishing amount of attention and was highly praised by experts from different countries for its extraordinary effect.

Edwin Epstein, president of ISHRS, said that Lotus' FUE+SHT “represents the highest level in Asia”. Sheldon Kabaker, former representative and founder of ISHRS, also met with the Lotus delegation. He believes that the development of China's hair transplantation is playing an important role in the world's hair transplant industry.

This year's ISHRS also attracted attention from reporters of China's state television CCTV. Believing that hair transplant will have broader prospects in China, they have recorded the whole process of a real-person hair transplant case with Xiao Zhang, conducted by Lotus, the leader in China's hair transplant industry.

In Xiao Zhang's case, Lotus' FUE+SHT hair transplant surgery applies SHT precision instruments to the hairline area and uses FUE to assure density on large areas of hair loss on the crown, and also alternately uses SHT and FUE for the increase of density in the thin junction area. The final effect is both natural and thick.

Considering the enormous influence of ISHRS, Lotus has submitted an application for hosting the next ISHRS event in Beijing, China. Could Lotus succeed, it will definitely be the most anticipated event in ISHRS' history.


FUE+SHT combines the advantages of both FUE and SHT. FUE, a traditional scarless hair transplant technology, takes hair accurately based on follicular units. FUE can achieve a natural effect when a survival rate is reached, but the extract area is likely to have white point-like scars after surgery. SHT has upgraded the instruments based on the traditional FUE. It makes extraction and implanting more precise. SHT can achieve an absolutely scarless effect, and the veracity and naturalness of surgery has greatly improved.


Chairman of Lotus having a friendly meeting with President of ISHRS

FUE+SHT's hair transplant effect

CCTV's Xiao Zhang Case – a real-person hair transplant case using FUE+SHT technology

Lotus' FUE+SHT hair transplant technology receiving great attention at ISHRS

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